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Top 21 Job Board Sites: The Ultimate List

Recruiters use job boards on a daily basis. And with over 1,000 job board sites online, it's easy to lose track of which are the best. Don't worry, you don't have to memorize them: In this article we have summarized the most important ones for you. See our overview of the 21 best job boards at a glance!

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Which Job Board Is the Best? (Infographic)

Recruiters can publish job advertisements on certain job boards for a fee. But how do they know which one is best?

First of all, it should be noted that there is no single "BEST" job board, each one has advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it must fit in with your own recruiting process. The following infographic shows some tips to find out which Job Board is right for you.

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10 Helpful Tips for Using Job Boards

It feels like the number of job boards just keeps rising, there is a specific site for almost every niche from location to profession to industry. But no matter which job boards you choose to use, you should make sure your campaigns are fully optimized for success. That's why we've gathered ten helpful tips for using job boards that you can start implementing today!

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Which Job Board Is the Best?

Recruiters can publish job advertisements on certain job boards for a fee. But how do they know which one is best?

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Definition: What Is a Job Board?

Job boards are an integral part of recruiting. And job board itself is an important term for all HR professionals to know. In this article we will share the definition of a job board and explain how job boards are used in the recruiting process.

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Where Should I Post My Job Advertisements?

A job advertisement is an important tool for filling your open positions. Alongside of your career page and job portal, job advertisements represent the first important point of contact between you and your applicants. Deciding where to post job advertisements is a key part in making sure that your recruiting process is successful. 

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How To: Post Jobs Advertisements Faster Using a Template

Have you ever wondered how you can reduce the amount of effort it takes to create a job advertisement? And how you can create job ads faster? In this article, we would like to show you how a successful and suitable job advertisement template can make your process easier.

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How to Minimize Job Ad Posting Costs (Infographic)

Posting job advertisements online can be overwhelming and expensive. However, reducing job posting costs isn’t actually that difficult, you just need a few tips and tricks.

In this infographic, we’ll share with you a few ideas for how you can start to minimize your job posting costs.

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Purchasing an ATS: You Don't Have to Break Up With Your Agency

We all know the story. HR department meets recruitment advertising agency - a match made in heaven. But what about when a new character, the applicant tracking system, comes on to the scene? He’s got a lot of attractive qualities that the staffing agency admires, like lean administrative processes, improved team communication, and a comprehensive overview of all applications. But the HR department isn't quite ready to break up with their recruitment ad agency, who they’ve been with for years. So, what should they do?

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5 Key Tips for Multi-Channel Posting Success

Although multi-channel posting can increase your recruiting success, simply posting to multiple job boards does not mean that you will achieve more relevant reach. It is important to create a strategy and make improvements. In this article, we will reveal five key tips for multi-channel posting success.

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