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How To Track Your Recruiting Events

Recruiting events are becoming more and more important for a successful recruiting strategy. Yet a critical aspect of this process is often overlooked: tracking the success of the event. Do you use any metrics to track the success of your events? In this article, we will share with you six different ways to track your recruiting events.

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5 Helpful Ideas for Your First Recruiting Event

Recruiting events have become a staple in the recruitment marketing process. Many companies are hosting events regularly to increase their reach and promote their employer brand. Are you thinking about hosting a recruiting event sometime soon? We've got 5 innovative recruiting event ideas for you to consider in this article.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Talent Network

Recently, we launched our Talent Network Tool for businesses. Any company can easily and quickly create and operate its own talent network.

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Interview GT people work GmbH: Our Challenge is to Find Good Specialists

We talked to Mr. Thomas Broda, the managing partner and founder of GT people work GmbH, about his challenges in recruiting. GT people work is a fast-growing medium-sized HR service provider specializing in the procurement of technical, commercial and academic professionals.

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Learn How to Market and Organize Recruiting Events

 Have you ever organized a recruiting event? If so, you have probably asked yourself what you have to consider. How do you reach the desired candidates? How do you market the event? In this article, you will learn what points to consider when organizing, performing and following up with recruiting events.

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Interview: zeb Uses Recruiting Events to Recruit More Candidates 

We talked to zeb's Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding about challenges, successful strategy components in recruiting, employer branding and important market developments. zeb is the leading strategy and management consultancy for financial services providers in Europe.

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