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Where Should I Post My Job Advertisements?

A job advertisement is an important tool for filling your open positions. Alongside of your career page and job portal, job advertisements represent the first important point of contact between you and your applicants. Deciding where to post job advertisements is a key part in making sure that your recruiting process is successful. 

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8 Tips for a Successful Job Advertisement (Infographic)

Job advertisements and career pages are the first important point of contact between your company and potential candidates. We've put together 8 tips in an infographic to help you create a successful job posting.

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Click rate - why is it so important for incoming applications?

The click rate, or also the click-through-rate, is a key performance indicator in the online marketing sector to determine success. It can measure both the success of a specific advertising campaign, and also how successful a certain website is. Based on this measuring parameter, you can, for example, find out whether your career site reaches the desired target group in a way that makes them continue to click on the job advertisements.

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