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Recruitment Marketing processes that simply work!

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Best Practice: Recruitment Marketing

With the Recruiting marketing method you can increase your number of applicants within a short period of time. After a few months the number of applications can be increased by 20%, after 14 months by up to 230%. The traffic on your career site will increase up to double and also the hiring rate will improve significantly. The Gi Group has achieved all this with the Recruitment marketing method and Talention.

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What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing aims to create an impressive candidate experience. This is done through the interplay of target group-specific content (employer branding content) and the recruitment marketing strategy. These two components enable companies to build up and maintain a relationship with their candidates. By using this method, companies can reach active and passive candidates and make them enthusiastic about the company.

Recruiting as a competitive edge

Recruiting is a decisive factor when it comes to corporate growth and sales revenue.
A company can only grow and be successful with the right people. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right employees. 
Today, the downturn in sales revenue in german mid-sized companies is over EUR 53 billion due to the lack of personnel.
Nowadays, suitable candidates often have a permanent position and are not actively looking for a job. Strategic positioning as an attractive employer in the market is becoming ever more important.

Recruiting  has changed

Recruiting today has changed drastically. Due to the increasing reduction in unemployment, growing shortage of specialists/skilled workers and digitalization, recruiting today calls for new measures to successfully recruit the right candidates amid the competition.

The way in which people are looking for jobs today has changed in the course of digitalization. The recruiting of passive candidates plays an important role. 
The only way to systematically reach and convince candidates today is by using sophisticated recruitment marketing methods and by building up an attractive employer brand

Recruitment Marketing Method

The recruitment marketing method uses principles of inbound marketing. It also focuses on building up the employer brand and placing targeted online advertisements for job offers. 

This method states that recruiting does not just simply happen. It is actively pursued in that you, as a company, offer contents which attract the right candidates at the right place at the right time.

The recruitment marketing method covers the long road from an unknown person through to the successful hiring as an employee. One key part of recruitment marketing is the analysis and optimization of the candidate journey. The candidate journey is the path a candidate takes until he sends his job application to a company. On this journey, candidates experience several points of contact and develop an individual perception of the company.


Recruitment Marketing Method

The key components of  Recruitment Marketing


Give your leads an authentic insight into your company by creating contents that are aligned to the interests and needs of your target group. Anchor yourself in the minds of your target group as an attractive employer.


Use your network, sourcing, career page, events, etc. and gather contacts. Build up a relationship with candidates and easily and quickly recruit top talents from your own talent pool. 


Select channels that fit with your target group. Compare different channels and evaluate these for your recruiting success. Reach your target group there where they are and convince them with your offer and your employer brand.

Evaluate & Optimize

Analytics play a key role in order to understand how recruitment marketing has an impact on your qualitative receipt of applications. They can help you to understand where your candidates come from. Analytics show you at which points candidates are lost in your candidate journey.

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Steps and components of Recruitment Marketing

A person who is initially unknown goes through various phases, in which they become a visitor, candidate, applicant, employee, and ultimately a promoter.

Recruitment Marketing Excite Attract

1. Attract

This first phase describes a person’s first contact with your company. The goal is to provide the right contents at the right time in this phase. Build up more reach in the suitable target group and bring this group to your career page 

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Key Components:

  • Career page: Present yourself on your career page with attractive content. 
  • Sourcing: Actively approach candidates and draw their attention to your company.
  • Job boards: Publish your advertisements on various (suitable) job boards so that interested persons can find you. 
  • Employer reviews: Try to achieve an optimal presentation of your company on rating portals.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots (e.g. on your career page) allow interested candidates to contact you quickly. 
  • Landing pages: Provide target group-specific content with different landing pages.  
  • Keywords & SEO: Make sure you can be found by your target group and use the right keywording. 
  • Social media: Reach your target group in their familiar environment via social media.
  • Job fairs: Present your company at job fairs and get in contact with potential candidates.
  • Campus/University: Use university marketing to establish contact with students and graduates.

2. Convince

As soon as an unknown person turns into a visitor, your next goal should be to convince this person of your company. For this purpose, you have to provide the right content for this target group and give candidates the opportunity to get in touch with you or to store data (convert). 

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Recruitment Marketing Excite Convince

Key Components:

  • Talent pool: Invite candidates to your talent pool so that they can stay in touch with you. 
  • Job subscription: Give interested candidates the opportunity to subscribe to your job subscription in order to regularly receive new job offers. 
  • Career newsletter: By signing up for a career newsletter you can show candidates your added value and career opportunities. 
  • Exclusive event invitations: Invite your potential employees to exclusive events. 
  • Further trainings: Offer training courses in which interested candidates can participate. 

3. Win over

The core focus of this phase is now on getting the candidates, who you were able to convince of your company in a first step, to get motivated to apply for a job with you 

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Key Components:

  • Talent Pools: Organize your candidates in different pools in order to treat them individually. 
  • E-Mail: Send e-mails to your target group to Build up trust and strengthen the connection. 
  • Events: Invite selected candidates to events. Give them the opportunity to get to know you personally.

Recruitment Marketing Win Over

4. Hire

At this point the applicant administration begins. After the selection procedure it is decided, whether an applicant fits into your company and becomes an employee. If this is the case, he or she can then become a promoter for your company in the next step. 

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Recruitment Marketing Hire


Key Components:

  • Applicant tracking: With an optimal candidate management you guarantee a candidates positive experience and avoid negative evaluations.
  • Communication: Keep your candidates up to date, e.g. with confirmations of receipt and interim notifications. 
  • Workflows: Standardized workflows (e.g. rejections) facilitate your applicant administration.

5. Excite

In this phase, employees turn into excited promoters. Use the referral potential of your employees or former staff to generate new leads. Create strategies and campaigns to initiate and control referrals.

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Key Components:

  • Referral: Actively communicate incentives or rewards that employee get for recommendations. 
  • Alumni: Stay in touch with former employees and leverage their referral potential.


Recruitment Marketing Excite

iStock-952039286 (1)

"We can look back on a successful year for GiGroup Germany. Our applicant numbers have developed very well since the introduction of Talention in May 2017. To share a few numbers with you: We had a total of 30,104 applicants in 2017 and were able to more than double this figure to 69,346 applicants in 2018. And that is even with the declining unemployment figures.

We have found a partner in Talention who thinks like us and supports us in the implementation."

Christian Wolf,
Director Service Operations and Strategy
Gi Group Deutschland GmbH

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