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Addressing candidates and building relationships!

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Build yourself a candidate pipeline!

Actively engage candidates across multiple platforms to draw their attention to your company and open positions. You can include candidates who are not currently ready for a job change in your Talent Pool and recruit them for future positions.

With Talention you can transfer prospects from social media to your Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) with just one click. Organize your targeted prospects into talent pools and stay in regular contact with them (e.g. Newsletter) to build up a relationship with you and attract them to your company. 

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Addressing candidates and building relationships!

Fast sourcing tool

You can instantly add your prospects from social media to your Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and stay in touch with them to build sustainable relationships.

  • Fast sourcing in social media
  • Easy to add to your pool
  • See who you are in contact with
  • Organizing talent pools
  • Search and filter candidates
  • Generating profiles fast

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Sourcing tool

Well-structured talent pool

Build a pipeline of candidates for future recruiting with within your own Talent Pool. 

  • Simplified organization
  • Search and filter
  • Well-arranged candidate history
  • Set tasks
  • On the safe side: GDPR compliant

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Talent Pool

Campus and events

Through university events, you can address contacts at an early stage and gather them in your Talent Pool in order to recruit them later from your own campus pipeline.

But you can also generate new contacts or strengthen existing relationships with events for professionals.

  • Send invitations by e-mail
  • Register candidates directly on campus
  • Simply collect prospects
  • Creating campaigns
  • Easily create event pages

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Campus Events

Easy newsletter dispatch

In no time at all, you can create e-mails and newsletters within the system and send them to your candidates and prospects. 

  • Easily create your newsletter
  • Select prospects
  • Easy to send

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Easy automation

Maintain contact with candidates in your Talent Pool. Automation processes enable you to easily turn prospects into fans of your company.

  • Automatic workflows
  • Easy integration on the website
  • Automatic reminders

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Well-structured reports

You always have an overview of your talent pool because CRM Reports show you at a glance who is exactly in your Talent Pool.

  • Talent pool ratio
  • Overview of specialist groups
  • Lists of prospects
  • Ratings
  • Export options (Excel, PDF)

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Successful together

Our Success Team is always at your side to help you achieve the best recruiting results. 

  • Onboarding
  • Customer service
  • Trainings
  • Success reports
  • Personal contact
  • Progress meeting

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"The user-friendly system simplifies our processes and is very comfortable to handle. The processes in our recruiting process have been significantly simplified and accelerated by the software. The decision for Talention was the right one, because the software has proven itself in practice."
Igor Stödter,
Head of Human Resources
FINCON Unternehmensberatung GmbH



"When the issue focused on candidate personas, reach, lead management, conversion optimization and funnel in one of the first discussions with Talention, it became clear to me that we’re speaking the same language. 
Talention supports us in a wide range of areas, from recruitment marketing through to the decision on a candidate. In the process, the tool saves us valuable time and it makes our work a whole lot easier."

Martin Frommhold,
Head of Human Resources

c pro

"We’ve been working with Talention since 2016! You get optimal support during the roll-out phase as well as suggestions! It’s good software for me because I put more importance on the evaluation of campaigns than I do on the management of applicants. You see exactly how well a job advertisement works and where the applications come from!"

Anika Zeimke
HR Consultant


"An important aspect is reaching and analysing the target group. Talention offers the possibility to identify the respective target group and to address it more specifically. To this end, the quality and number of applications will be increased, the speed of staffing will be increased and Coroplast will also be made more well-known and interesting as an employer brand."

Jan Dirzus
Head of Human Resources & Recruiting
Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co.KG


"The combination of modern technology and data analytics were the deciding factors for us in choosing Talention. The data analysis allows us to efficiently design our lead management and the subsequent recruiting process. Talention is, for us, a partner who shares the same vision."

Burkhard Hanke,
Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding

More than 200 companies use Talention


Get to know our Sourcing Tool!

We would be pleased to show you our software in a non-binding demo!
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