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Talention Checklist - Am I a modern recruiter

Checklist: Am I a modern recruiter?

Find out whether you already master the nine most essential skills of the modern recruiter in our free checklist.

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E-Book Job Boards

E-Book: Job Boards

In our e-book we'll explain to you what the term "job board" means and which one is best for you. We will also give you 10 tips on how to use job boards.

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E-Book Recruiting 101 EN

E-Book: Recruiting 101

In our e-book we’ll cover the topics of digitalization in recruiting, other changes in recruiting, modern HR hacks, and the six deadly sins in recruiting. By the end of the e-book, you’ll be a modern recruiting expert!

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Job Rejection Emails

E-Book: Job Rejection Mails

In our e-book, "Job Rejection Emails", you will learn how to write a professional job rejection email and how to avoid any major mistakes.

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Checklist: Recruiting for Startups

Checklist: Recruiting for Startups

In this checklist you will learn which skills recruiters working at startups need to be successful in the modern world of recruiting. 

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Checklist How to Determine Your EVP

Checklist: How to Determine Your EVP

We have put together a checklist for you to explain how to determine your EVP (employee value proposition).

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E-Book SEO für Recruiter

E-Book: SEO for Recruiters

In our e-book, "SEO for Recruiters", you will learn what SEO is, how it can be used in recruiting, and how to optimize your job ads for SEO.

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E-Book CRM

E-Book: Candidate Relationship Management

In our e-book you will learn what CRM is, how it relates candidate experience, and how you can best utilize a CRM recruiting software in your recruiting process.

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E-Book Staffing Agencies

E-Book: Staffing Agencies

In our e-book we would like to show you how recruitment marketing can be effectively implemented by staffing agencies.

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E-Book Recruitment Analytics and KPIs

E-Book: Recruitment Analytics and KPIs

In our e-book we would like to show you why analytics and KPIs are essential for your recruiting success. It is important to find out which channels work best for your company - or even more detailed: which channels work best for a particular location. 

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E-Book Talent Pool

E-Book: Talent Pool

In our e-book, "Talent Pool", we would like to give you an overview of the advantages of a talent pool and how to fill your pool with qualified candidates.

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E-Book Job Interviews

E-Book: Job Interviews

In this e-book you will get some tips on conducting an interview, learn about the major mistakes in preparing a job interview, and learn some do's and dont's for conducting a successful phone interview.

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HR Trends 2019 EN

Poster: Top HR Trends 2019: 6 Trends You Don't Want To Miss

Our poster "Top HR Trends 2019: 6 Trends You Don't Want to Miss", gives you the the 6 top HR trends of 2019 that you should look out for.

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101 Interview Questions EN

Guide: The 101 Best Job Interview Questions Every Recruiter Should Know

Check out our 101 interview questions that we think every recruiter should know and get some inspiration for your next successful job interview.

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Poster 11 Content & Design Elements Your Career Page Redesign Should Include

Poster: 11 Content and Design Elements Your Career Page Redesign Should Include

If you are wondering how to create a successful career page, we've got some insider tips just for you. Our poster "11 Content and Design Elements Your Career Page Redesign Should Include", gives you the 11 essential content and design elements that you should include in your next career page redesign.

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E-Book The Future of Recruiting

E-Book: Future of Recruiting

In this e-book, we give you an overview of the changes taking place in recruiting and how you can start to adapt to these new trends.

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E-Book Job Ads

E-Book: Job Ads

In our free e-Book, "Job Ads", you will get to know everything essential about job advertisements. We would like to give you an overview of the most important topics pertaining to job advertisements.

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E-Book Career Page EN

E-Book: Career Page

In this e-book, we would like to show you how important career pages are as the first point of contact between you and your applicants.

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Candidate Journey Poster EN

Poster: The Candidate Journey Measured in 9 Steps

Our poster "The Candidate Journey Measured in 9 Steps" of our candidate journey-funnel gives you an overview of the 9 steps you need to optimally assess and measure your candidate journey.

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Checklist - How Good is Your Candidate Journey

Checklist: How Good is Your Candidate Journey?

Take this self-test through our checklist and use the following 7 criteria to find out where you still have potential for optimization.

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E-Book HR Marketing

E-Book: HR Marketing

In this eBook, you will learn what HR Marketing is, what it means and which are the most important components.

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E-Book Sourcing

E-Book: Sourcing

In this eBook, you will learn what sourcing is, how you can optimize it and what advantages it offers your recruiting process.t.

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EN Using Printerest for business

Presentation: Using Pinterest for Business

With our free presentation "Using Pinterest for Business" you will learn why it can be worthwhile for you to be active on Pinterest and to what extent it supports your content marketing.

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Ebook 41 Points Checklist ATS

Checklist: Applicant Tracking System

Are you still wondering whether an application tracking system makes sense for you? What are the advantages and what functions should this system have? Find out now with our free checklist.

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Talention Poster Employer Branding EN

Poster: Essential Tips for Optimal Employer Branding 

Our poster "Essential Tips for Optimal Employer Branding" shows you in 4 infographics how you can improve and measure your employer branding and how you can optimize it with the help of a good candidate journey and canidate experience.

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E-Book Use Multi-Channel Posting optimally for your Recruiting Success

E-Book: Use Multi-Channel Posting Optimally for your Recruiting Success

In our free e-book "Use Multi-Channel Posting Optimally for your Recruiting Success" you will learn everything you need to know about the topic of multiposting. Find out in the e-book how to avoid possible mistakes and which advantages, for example, a multiposting tool brings you.

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Build, Measure and Improve your Employer Branding

E-Book: Build, Measure and Improve your Employer Branding

In this e-book you will learn how to define employer branding, what its most important key figures are, what mistakes you should avoid and why you should never underestimate social media.

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Employer Branding on Instagram

Presentation: Employer Branding on Instagram

Our free presentation "Employer Branding on Instagram" gives you a structured and clear overview of how to optimally build your employer brand on Instagram and why this platform is so well suited for this project.

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Poster Recruiting 2018 EN

Poster: 4 Exciting Infographics about Recruiting Tips and Trends in 2018

Our poster "Recruiting Tips & Trends in 2018" gives you an overview and a summary of the most  important recruiting facts from 2018 in 4 highly relevant infographics. 

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E-Book Candidate Experience EN

E-Book: Candidate Experience

In this e-book we present you a detailed definition of candidate experience and explain why it is of such immense importance for your company and your recruiting process and how you can use it for your own purposes.

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The Ultimate 21 Point Checklist for Recruiting Events English

Checklist: The Ultimate 21-Point Checklist for Recruiting Events

Find out in our checklist "The Ultimate 21-Point Checklist for Recruiting Events" what points you should keep in mind when organizing, executing and following up recruiting events.

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Talention Poster Recruitment Marketing

Poster: 4 Essential Infographics for Recruitment Marketing

Our poster "4 essential infographics for recruitment marketing" gives you an overview of our most popular infographics on recruitment marketing.

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Talention E-Book Recruitment Marketing

E-Book: Recruitment Marketing

In this e-book, we’ll explain what exactly recruitment marketing is, which elements play a role, and how you can successfully implement recruitment marketing.

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