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Chatbots in Recruiting: Everything You Need to Know

Chatbots, AI and Big Data analytics are the top trend topics of 2018 that no recruiter or HR manager can avoid. You might have found yourself asking, what are chatbots all about and are they even worthwhile for HR? This article will tell you what the term 'chatbot' actually means and how it can be used in recruiting.

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Infographic: Sourcing - The 5 Golden Rules for Addressing Candidates

Are you a sourcer or do you want to improve sourcing in your team and are wondering how you can best address potential candidates to make them enthusiastic about your company and your vacancies?

In this infographic we present you the 5 golden rules, which you should follow in order to be successful sourcing.

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Guideline: How Pinterest Supports Your Content Marketing in Recruiting

Surely you already know Pinterest from your private usage. Have you ever wondered how Pinterest can support your content marketing in recruiting? The platform is particularly popular among American companies. You can find out in this article what Pinterest has to offer and why it could be worthwhile for your company to become active there.

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Employer Branding in the Digital Age: Talention Attends HR-Meetup in Cologne

Employer branding has become a core topic in the world of HR. And in today's increasingly digital world, it's become clear that employer branding must adapt to these changes. For this reason, the latest Human Resources Lounge Meetup was dedicated to discussing "Employer Branding in the Digital Age." Talention had the pleasure of both attending and presenting at the event that was held on 09.10.2018 in Cologne.

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HR Marketing: Why Visibility is Important

The competition for qualified employees and the development of an effective HR marketing strategy is a challenge that every company has to face nowadays. Medium-sized companies are often at a disadvantage with potential applicants because they are not as "visible" as large companies, which usually advertise on television, on the Internet and via many other communication channels. In this article, we'll address the importance of visibility in regards to HR marketing and what your company can do to increase your reach.

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Study: Need for Action in HR Marketing and Recruiting

Many companies have not yet adapted HR marketing and recruiting strategies to the current competitive conditions. This is shown by the study "Successful Employer Branding in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" by HR Blue and the Königssteiner agency. In this article, we'll dive deeper into the study results and what they mean for modern day recruiting. We'll also share some recommendations for how to implement HR marketing in your own strategies.

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HR Marketing Basics

HR marketing is a crucial part of modern day recruiting and an important component when it comes to ensuring the sustainability of qualified employees. With changes in demographics and a shortage of skilled workers, companies are faced with new challenges in recruiting. How can companies respond to these challenges and begin to implement HR marketing techniques? You'll find out the answers in this article.

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The 5 Golden Rules for Addressing Candidates Through Sourcing

Do you want to improve your sourcing within your team? Are you wondering how you can address potential candidates in order to make them enthusiastic about your company and your vacancies? In this article we present you the 5 golden rules you should follow to be successful in addressing potential candidates.

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Definition: What is HR Marketing?

If you work in HR, you've probably started to hear the term HR marketing over the past few years. But what does it mean? And how can you utilize it in your recruiting process? In this article, you will learn the meaning behind HR marketing and its most important components.

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HR Marketing: How Employer Branding Can Define Your Success

HR marketing and employer branding go hand in hand when it comes to the recruiting process. But how are they connected? And why is employer branding so crucial for HR marketing success? In this article, we will answer your employer branding questions in relation to HR marketing and explain how it can define your recruiting success.

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