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The blog about recruitment marketing & employer branding

HR controlling: these are the most important key indicators in recruiting

Would you like to improve your HR controlling? Or set it up properly? Are you still wondering which key indicators are relevant for you in recruiting? There are a few important key indicators in recruiting which you should determine and follow up on. This is essential if you want to keep an overview of how your recruitments are performing and actively influence the success of your recruitment processes. We compiled the most essential key indicators in this article for you.

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Talention at HR Tech World in Amsterdam

Talention is represented with a booth at HR Tech World in Amsterdam on October 24 and 25. HR Tech World is the leading conference and trade show for HR managers. It is considered the interface between human resources and the new world of technology.

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The six deadly sins in recruiting!

Today, it’s no longer so easy to find qualified and suitable candidates. That’s why your recruiting process should not drive any candidates away, but instead, it should attract them.

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9 HR Hacks – Here’s how you can make your everyday working life easier in HR

You have a wide array of jobs when you work in the HR sector. Especially if your HR department is very small-scale, or you’re alone, you’re surely all too familiar with the problem of not having any idea how you should tackle and master all administrative tasks. Besides internal employee issues like writing letters of reference, conducting interviews, etc., recruiting only makes up one part of the range of tasks. But nevertheless, the specialist department still expects you to come up with the right candidates quickly. Undivided attention cannot be given to this key part. 

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Interview with Cpro Industry Projects & Solutions GmbH

Cpro Industry Projects & Solutions GmbH is an expert in the integration of SAP solutions. We talked to Anika Zeimke from Cpro INDUSTRY about what the greatest challenges are for her in recruiting, how she uses evaluations in recruiting, and what she appreciates about Talention software.

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Digitalization in recruiting—what has changed?

We’ve been focusing on what has changed in the course of digitalization in recruiting. Which skills and methods today’s recruiter must master, and which theologies have emerged in connection with digitalization that today’s recruiter should capitalize on.

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More applicants: You should have an insight of these 4 phases!

In times of skill shortages, it isn’t easy to staff specialist positions with suitable candidates. In this article, find out which 4 phases you should take into account in order to get more applicants.

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How can you optimize your candidate journey?

Before we turn to the question of how we can optimize the candidate journey, we should first clarify why it’s important at all to optimize the candidate journey.

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10 skills that today’s recruiter needs

Over the past few years, the recruiter’s activities have changed fundamentally. Previously, the recruiter’s task was of an administrative nature. Due to the intensifying reduction of unemployment, the resulting fiercer competition and digitalization, his tasks have changed in such a way that today’s recruiter rather takes on a marketing role.

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Conversion rate — why is it so important for incoming applications?

The conversion rate describes the ratio of visitors of a website to the action they took. You mainly find them in connection with online marketing activities. The conversion rate is a key measuring parameter when you need to find out how successful, for example, a specific campaign or job advertisement is. 

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