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Infographic: 8 Tips for a Successful Job Advertisement

Job advertisements and career pages are the first important point of contact between your company and potential candidates. We've put together 8 tips in an infographic to help you create a successful job posting.

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Interview GT people work GmbH: Our Challenge is to Find Good Specialists

We talked to Mr. Thomas Broda, the managing partner and founder of GT people work GmbH, about his challenges in recruiting. GT people work is a fast-growing medium-sized HR service provider specializing in the procurement of technical, commercial and academic professionals.

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How to Actively Participate in the Candidate Experience

What everyone should be aware of today: A negative candidate experience due to bad application processes reduces your chances of finding suitable candidates and damages your reputation as an attractive employer.

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Interview Sevenval Technologies GmbH: How Software Supports IT Recruiting

We talked to Martin Frommhold, Head of HR at Sevenval Technologies GmbH, about the challenges facing IT companies in recruiting.

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How to Use HR Analytics in IT Recruiting - 5 Practical Tips

If you are a recruiter in the IT industry, you know how difficult it is to make contact with IT experts and convince them to apply. An important question that you should ask yourself today in IT recruiting is: Where are my candidates getting lost? You may have already managed to reach your target audience, but many disappear on the way to the application in your process. We've written an article that explains how to use smart HR analytics in recruiting to find out where candidates are getting lost today and what you can do about it.

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Do You Already Have a Facebook Job Board?

Do you already use Facebook for recruiting? Did you know that you can also directly integrate your job openings there and create a Facebook job board? We will show you what this looks like and what advantages it can bring in this article.

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9 Essential Components for a Successful Job Advertisement

Job advertisements and career pages are the first important point of contact between your company and potential candidates. Their decision whether or not to apply to your company depends on the quality of the content provided.

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LinkedIn Ads in Recruiting: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Most of us would agree that LinkedIn is great for communicating in a business environment. But how much can actually be achieved if LinkedIn is used as an advertising platform in recruiting?

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Why Data Collection is Important in Recruiting - Best Practice

Have you ever wondered why you didn't receive enough applications or the right applications? How can you find out why? The solution lies in the targeted collection of data in recruiting. In this article, we want to clarify the importance of data collection in recruiting using a job advertisement from RUNNERSPOINT.

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HR Management: How Software Can Optimize Your Recruiting Process

For many HR departments, collecting key recruiting metrics is a central point on the agenda, and we think you should start implementing them as well. The reality of implementation, however, often looks different. The effort of gathering and evaluating these metrics is frequently the reason why they are never utilized. An easy solution to this dilemma is software. Software can take away the extra effort and show you where there is potential for optimization. You will be supported and able to efficiently manage your recruitment process.

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