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3 HR Marketing Components for Recruiting Success (Infographic)

Many HR departments have found success with utilizing tools and strategies that are used in marketing, creating a new discipline called HR marketing. Specifically in regards to recruiting, there are several components that have become critical for HR marketing success.

In this infographic, we'll cover the 3 components that every HR marketer should incorporate in their recruiting process.

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6 Ways to Improve Your HR Marketing Strategy (Infographic)

Social media isn't just for private life anymore, it's become a major role in modern day marketing. In regards to HR marketing, social media can help to win over applicants and increase employer branding.

We're here to share six ways that you can improve your HR marketing strategy with social media in this infographic. 

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Talent Network (Infographic)

You have likely experienced the tough competition for the best talent. Today it is more important than ever to think about how you can attract talent at an early stage and build a pipeline of potential applicants. In addition to saving recruiting effort, time, and money, a talent network offers many more benefits.

We launched our Talent Network Tool for businesses. Any company can easily and quickly create and operate its own talent network.

But why are talent networks so popular and important for your recruiting process? What are the pros? What do you get from it? We have put together the 7 most important reasons for you.

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What is Employer Branding?

There are many crucial pieces to the recruiting process and one that shouldn’t be forgotten is employer branding. It remains a key element to convincing candidates to apply and convincing current employees to stay. In this article we will explain more about the different aspects that make up employer branding.

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6 Tips for Improving Candidate Experience

In a highly competitive recruiting market, candidate experience may be the tipping point for winning over qualified candidates. Passive candidates in particular need to be convinced to switch jobs and providing them with an amazing experience is the perfect way to do that.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Talent Network

Recently, we launched our Talent Network Tool for businesses. Any company can easily and quickly create and operate its own talent network.

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How to Build Your Own Pipeline of IT Professionals

Do you often wonder how you can find enough IT professionals and sustainably solve your recruiting problem? How do you build a pipeline of prospects, e.g. through sourcing, your own career page or events and trade fairs? And how do you stay in contact with them? We will explain in this article why building a prospective pipeline of IT professionals is so important.

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8 Essential Components That Your Career Page Needs!

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it becomes increasingly difficult to find qualified employees. For this reason, companies should urgently deal with the topic of career pages.

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