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How AI is Changing the Future of Recruiting

AI has started to shape the future of recruiting. While "artificial intelligence" sounds somewhat futuristic and intimidating, it is actually more applicable to recruiting than you might think. From chatbots to analytics and automation, there are numerous ways to incorporate AI into your recruiting process. In this article, we'd like to share with you how AI and recruiting overlap and what areas of AI you might want to start utilizing.

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5 Key Tips for Multi-Channel Posting Success

Although multi-channel posting can increase your recruiting success, simply posting to multiple job boards does not mean that you will achieve more relevant reach. It is important to create a strategy and make improvements. In this article, we will reveal five key tips for multi-channel posting success.

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Employer Brand: Nine Ways to Measure Success With Social Media

Today's wide range of marketing tools for social media provides employers with an endless stream of data for their employer branding. This could make it difficult to determine which measures are actually important for your campaigns and employer brand and why. Below you will find nine key indicators and why they are interesting for measuring your employer branding success  on social media.

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What is Candidate Experience?

It seems as though candidate experience is the current buzzword everyone in recruiting can’t stop using, but what exactly does it mean? In this article, we will define candidate experience and highlight it’s ongoing importance in the recruitment market.

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How to Use Analytics to Optimize Candidate Experience

Candidate experience has become a hot topic in recruiting in the past few years. In this article, you will find out how to use analytics to optimize your candidate experience.

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Interview GEFA BANK GmbH: Measure and Control the Influencing Factors in the Application Process

We conducted a telephone interview with Ms. Almut Fischer, Head of Human Resources at GEFA BANK GmbH. In addition to managing a 12-person team across 8 locations, Ms. Fischer has a variety of HR responsibilities and is often on the move through various locations. We are especially pleased that she took the time to talk with us in an interview about her current challenges and best practice examples in recruiting.

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