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5 Key Tips for Multi-Channel Posting Success

Jul 25, 2018 9:06:00 AM

Although multi-channel posting can increase your recruiting success, simply posting to multiple job boards does not mean that you will achieve more relevant reach. It is important to create a strategy and make improvements. In this article, we will reveal five key tips for multi-channel posting success.

5 Multi-channel posting tips

1. Avoid the black box method

By utilizing the black box method, your job ad will be displayed on a huge number of job boards with just one click. This process sounds promising at first. However, you can't track which job sites the job ad is shown on. It is important to know where the qualitative applications are coming from. You shouldn't blindly post on multiple job boards, but rather analyze the success of each channel.


2. Use analytics to your advantage

Evaluating the channels where you are posting jobs is the only way to know which channels have brought qualitative applicants and are worthwhile for future recruitment. If you don't evaluate the channels, you won't have an understanding of which channels are working for which target groups and will have to start from scratch with each new position.

5 Key Tips for Multi-Channel Posting Success

Screenshot: Channel comparison analytics in Talention


3. Search for the right keywords

A common mistake you should try to avoid is to using the wrong keywords. You need to advertise the right job title to reach your desired target group. You should research which job titles your target group is searching for and utilize your findings to create better campaigns.

5 Key Tips for Multi-Channel Posting SuccessScreenshot: Keyword tool in Talention


4. Don’t forget about SEO

Going alongside of using the right keywords, you should consider the effect of you job postings on your SEO. On one hand, they can help to build up free reach and bring new candidates to your page. On the other hand, if you are posting duplicate content to a lot of irrelevant job boards or aren’t using the right keywords, you could negatively affect your search engine rankings.

5 Key Tips for Multi-Channel Posting SuccessExample: SEO tool in Talention


5. Target the right market

If you publish your job advertisement on lots of job boards, but your target group does not use those boards, you won’t receive any relevant applications. You should research the job boards that are more relevant for your target group and focus more on those sites. If you discover a new job board that seems relevant, test it out for a week or two and see what kind of results you receive.


Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Posting", to find further resources on the topic of multi-channel posting.

Would you like to see more specific multi-channel posting examples from your industry? We will gladly show you further best practice examples and concrete implementation in the Talention software. Just ask for a demo here and someone will get in touch with you shortly. Request a demo now.

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