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Multi-Channel Posting - What You Need to Know

Jul 24, 2018 9:09:00 AM

What is multi-channel posting?

Multi-channel posting means creating a job ad once and then publishing it in several channels simultaneously, for example job boards, career site, employment agencies, Google AdWords, newsletters. In other words, it is the marketing of a job advertisement on as many channels as possible.

Multi-Channel Posting - What You Need to Know


What are the advantages of multi-channel posting?

It offers the possibility to operate across many different channels with ease. The more relevant clicks you get, the more applications you receive. However, only the relevant clicks will help you. Otherwise the clicks do not lead to applications. The next section explains which errors you should avoid in order to avoid irrelevant clicks.


Which mistakes should be avoided?

Posting on more job boards does not mean that you will achieve a more significant reach.

For example, if you publish your job advertisement on 500 unsuitable job boards, you will not be receiving more applications. If the job board does not appeal to the desired target group, your job ad will go nowhere.

Another problem is that Google downgrades so-called duplicate content and therefore punishes it. So if your job ad is published on 500 job boards, but has no relevance from Google's point of view, your content will be punished overall.

Another mistake to avoid is to use the wrong keywords. You have to advertise the right job title to reach the desired target group. So find out which job titles your target group is looking for.

If you use free job boards, you can also measure their success. You need to know how successful free job boards are for you. Otherwise you have no indication of your willingness to pay should the job board suddenly become chargeable.

Avoid the black box method. The job advertisement is placed on an unbelievably large number of job boards with just one click. This process sounds promising at first. However, it is not possible to track on which job boards the job advertisement is placed. Nevertheless, it is important to know where the qualitative applications come from. So you should not go blind on many job boards, but analyze the success of each job board.


Will multi-channel posting alone improve the quality of my applications?

In order not to lose the candidate in the application process, you should consider the methods of recruitment marketing.

It helps you attract candidates and build more relevant reach without a lot of effort.

Only through a good interaction of all the phases of recruitment marketing will you sustainably improve the quality of your applications.


Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing has the goal of convincing candidates of your company and is concerned with building up the employer brand. There are different phases that need to be mastered:

1. Attract

In this phase, strangers are to be attracted by the company in various ways, such as their own career site or social media. This is how the unknown becomes a visitor.

2. Convince

In the second phase, you should give visitors the opportunity to convert and contact you - whether through landing pages or call-to-actions. Your goal is to turn the visitor into a candidate.

3.Win over

Once you have reached the third phase, you want the candidate to apply to you. The candidate becomes an applicant, for example by keeping him or her informed via e-mail or seeking personal contact at an event (lead-nurturing).

4. Hire

This phase decides whether the applicant becomes an employee. Standardized workflows, such as acceptances and rejections or confirmations of receipt, which significantly simplify your applicant administration, are relevant for you here.

5. Exite

In the fifth phase, your employee becomes a promoter whose recommendations enable you to generate new relevant candidates to grow into applicants.


Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Posting", to find further resources on the topic of multi-channel posting.

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