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10 Reasons for E-Recruiting!

Dec 18, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Many companies today face the problem of receiving (qualified) applications and finding new employees - you too? E-Recruiting is an excellent solution for successfully recruiting new employees. Convince yourself! Learn more about it and read in this article beside a definition the 10 reasons for E-Recruiting!


You may already have heard about E-Recruiting. But what exactly does it mean? In a nutshell: The term "electronic recruiting" describes digital recruitment or digital recruiting and applicant tracking processes. Many companies, possibly you too, have already discovered e-recruiting: Applications can be submitted via e-mail or online platforms or job advertisements are published online in various job portals. Convince yourself of E-Recruiting with our 10 reasons for E-Recruiting!

10 Reasons for E-Recruiting

1. Digitalization: It can be found everywhere. In just a few minutes you can buy a pair of shoes online, sign contracts or get the latest day's information and news. Digitalization has not stopped at human resources either: Career sites, job ads, social media and application tracking system support today's recruitment process. Do you want to be successful in recruiting? Keep up with the times and take advantage of digitalization!

2. Saving Time: E-Recruiting saves a lot of time in the recruitment process. Today, just creating a job advertisement can work in no time at all. Job advertisements can also be published with just a few clicks and rejections sent to numerous candidates.On the one hand, this saves a lot of time for the company, on the other hand it also means that candidates have to spend less time, because they have sent your application with a short form field and file uploads, for example. A clear win-win situation!

3. Target Groups: Imagine a job ad that was published in a newspaper 50 years ago. Almost everyone saw it. For example, an advertisement for a position as a laboratory assistant could be viewed by engineers, office clerks and nurses. Today, thanks to digital possibilities, your position can be found in a much more targeted way. With the right keywords you will be discovered on job portals by the right candidates. Find out how to do this here. In addition, you can, for example, present target group-specific content on your career page. How about, for example, a landing page for trainees and another for professionals?

4. Keyword Shortage of Skilled Workers: It is more difficult than ever to attract new employees to your company. Demographic change, low unemployment rates and digitization are creating strong competition for new employees. The effects: In the german medium-sized sector alone, there were approx. 53.4 billion losses in sales. Those who want to hold their own in this competition today must discover new methods for their recruiting. One of the most important is here: E-Recruiting!

5. Reach: The wideness of the Internet and the countless possibilities of digital media enable a candidate reach that has probably never been so great before. With online job exchanges, career sites or social media, you can reach your candidates anywhere: when at the computer, on the bus or on the sofa - in any country, in any city! You should adapt your appearance so that, for example, job advertisements on your mobile phone look attractive and provide appropriate information. In addition, you have the opportunity to address candidates directly (sourcing) and thus, for example, write interesting profiles via Xing and point out your company and your job advertisements.

6. Generation Y, Generation Z: Who doesn't know the Generation Y or Generation Z: Fresh in working life, turning everything upside down - including recruitment. Anyone who tries to reach the younger generations through job advertisements in the local magazine today will unfortunately be bitterly disappointed. These age groups need a digital approach with exciting content - for example via Tik Tok, Instagram or their own exciting career page!

7. Making a short process - Applicant Tracking: Mountains of paper and Excel chaos are a thing of the past. If you use a software for your candidate management within the framework of e-recruiting, you have the opportunity to design numerous processes effectively. You can, for example, view the status of all applicants at any time, send rejections in no time at all or coordinate an applicant with the specialist department.

8. Take Tasks in Hand: Today you can do many tasks yourself. For example, you can use softwares and image portals to create your own job advertisements or relevant content for your social media accounts in just a few steps. This way you can save time and costs with numerous agencies.

9. Building Relationships: E-Recruiting and softwares make it almost effortless to build relationships with candidates. You can invite candidates to your talent pool via your career page or at trade fairs and inform them about you as an employer with job newsletters or updates. In this way you can build sustainable relationships and recruit from your own talent pool!

10. Softwares: Probably the best reason for E-Recruiting: There are softwares that make everything easier and offer all shapes and possibilities! From creating job advertisements to publishing them and organizing applicants, there are numerous functions that support recruiting today. It is worth taking advantage of them!

Talention supports you in E-Recruiting. Our software has all the relevant tools you need for your digital recruitment - from the creation of job ads to sourcing to the talent pool! We would be happy to show you how we can support you! Request a demo now.

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