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Applicant Tracking Software

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Efficient applicant management and lean processes!

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Applicant management made easy!

Numerous (time-consuming) challenges have to be mastered in applicant management: administration, coordination processes, channel selection, job advertisements and many more.

The Talention applicant management software simplifies all relevant processes - in one program. Create and publish job advertisements with just a few clicks, keep an overview of all applications and coordinate with the specialist department in no time at all.

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Efficient applicant management and lean processes!

Easy applicant administration

Keep track of your incoming applications and quickly manage your candidates. Clear representations support you in this.

  • Clear profiles
  • Filters and search masks
  • Recruitment processes

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Applicant Administration

Clear application processes

Application processes should be simple and clear. With Talention you can customize your application process according to your target group with editable forms.

  • Editable forms
  • One-click-application
  • CV-Parsing
  • No registration required

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Application processes

Easy group decisions

A simple and uncomplicated exchange with the specialist department is important for your decision making process. Share candidate profiles with the specialist department quickly and easily.

  • Access for the specialist department
  • Roles and rights
  • Access rights easily editable
  • Collective decision making
  • Documentation of communication

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Group Decisions

Professional job advertisements

A job advertisement should look professional and convince the candidate of your company. With our software, you can quickly create professional job advertisements that will inspire your candidates.

  • Individual templates
  • Mobile compatible
  • Profile upload possibilities
  • Text modules
  • Social media buttons
  • Automatic supplement
  • Image pool

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Job Ads

Free reach

Place your job advertisements automatically in different channels. We support free and paid channels. Whether on click job exchanges, social networks, job networks, your own website, at the employment office or university sites. 

  • Search engine optimization
  • Google for jobs
  • Publishing within just a few clicks
  • Automatic publishment in diverse channels
  • Performance evaluations

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Easy Automation

The administration of applications and correspondence often costs a lot of time. With easy automation (workflows) you can reduce your administrative effort to a minimum.

  • Automate your selection processes
  • Release processes
  • Reminder function
  • Task management
  • Notification of recruitment progress
  • Tasks and resubmissions

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Well-structured reports

Reports and dynamic dashboards show you all important data. You always have an overview of the status of incoming applications and the process states. 
  • Report of incoming applications
  • Process states by departments
  • Blocker analysis
  • Export options (Excel, PDF)

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Successful together

Our Success team is always at your side to help you achieve the best recruiting results. 

  • Onboarding
  • Customer service
  • Trainings
  • Success reports
  • Personal contact
  • Progress meeting

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"The software is very helpful for us. In the past, we tried to organize our job advertisement campaigns with MS Office products such as Excel. But even with a small number of campaigns, the capacities were exhausted to the maximum. Now, thanks to Talention, we can easily organize 30 campaigns at once. We also use Talention to spread our job ads and are excited about the Talention partner shop."
Marion Langenbach,
Head of Personnel Selection and Development 
Stifterverbandes für Deutsche Wissenschaft e. V.


"The introduction of Talention was quick and straightforward. Our contact person was always at our side personally, so that we felt well advised and well prepared. After a short time we were ready to go."

Désirrée Kopp,
Human Resources
Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG



"Building an employer brand was a big challenge for us. Medium-sized companies in particular feel the shortage of skilled workers and have the problem of getting a certain quality of applicants. Talention has the great advantage that you can measure influencing factors in the application process."

Almut Fischer,
Head of Human Resources


"With Talention, we were able to achieve our objectives, that is, the centralization of processes, establishment of consistency, strengthening of the employer image and enhancing communication with the applicants. The quality of the whole process has improved and it became more controllable and standardized."

Frederik Jörges,
Head of Human Resources
radprax mbH


"The user-friendly system simplifies our processes and is very comfortable to handle. The processes in our recruiting process have been significantly simplified and accelerated by the software. The decision for Talention was the right one, because the software has proven itself in practice."
Igor Stödter,
Head of Human Resources
FINCON Unternehmensberatung GmbH

More than 200 companies use Talention

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View applicant management software?

We would be pleased to show you our software in a non-binding demo!
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