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We've put together a comprehensive guide about all things candidate experience. 

We will answer your questions like:

  • Why is candidate experience so important?
  • How can I measure candidate experience?
  • What can I do to improve candidate experience?

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Candidate experience describes the sum of the experiences and perceptions than an applicant or potential employee has with the company during the hiring process. This includes the job search, application process, interviews, and even on-boarding.

What is Candidate Experience?

In order to begin focusing on candidate experience, we first need to understand what it means. In this article, we will define candidate experience and highlight it’s ongoing importance in the recruitment market. In addition to that, we will explain how it can be measured and optimized.

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How to Actively Participate in the Candidate Experience

What everyone should be aware of today: A negative candidate experience due to bad application processes reduces your chances of finding suitable candidates and damages your reputation as an attractive employer.

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The Importance of Candidate Experience in Recruitment

Great candidate experience is a topic in recruiting that might seem like an extra bonus, it would be nice to have but it’s not necessary to put in the work. But in today’s passive job market, it’s time for that mentality to change. Because candidate experience plays a critical role throughout the entire recruiting process, we decided to break down it’s importance step by step in this article.

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How to Use Analytics to Optimize Candidate Experience

By utilizing analytics, you have a tangible way to both understand and improve how candidates interact with your company. In this article, you will find out how to use analytics to optimize your candidate experience.

We focus on the following questions: How successful are your job advertisements? Who are your candidates? How is your career page performance? Which channels are bringing you the most applicants? 

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Distinguishing Candidate Journey from Candidate Experience

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the terms candidate journey and candidate experience? In this article, you will learn how to distinguish candidate journey from candidate experience.

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6 Tips for Improving Candidate Experience

In a highly competitive recruiting market, candidate experience may be the tipping point for winning over qualified candidates. Passive candidates in particular need to be convinced to switch jobs and providing them with an amazing experience is the perfect way to do that. 

In this article, we will highlight 6 key tips for improving candidate experience. In order to understand how to do this, we first need to define what candidate experience means.

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Infographic: 6 Tips for Improving Candidate Experience

In a highly competitive recruiting market, candidate experience may be the tipping point for winning over qualified candidates. We have created an infographic that shows you 6 tips for improving the Candidate Experience. 

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E-book: Candidate Experience

Find out in our free e-book "Candidate Experience" how you can optimally design the candidate experience for your company.candidate experience talention

In this e-book we present you a detailed definition of candidate experience and explain why it is of such immense importance for your company and your recruiting process and how you can use it for your own purposes.

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Topics in the e-book:

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→ Distinguishing Candidate Journey from Candidate Experience

→ 6 Tips for Improving Candidate Experience

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