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For small recruiting teams

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For mid-sized recruiting teams

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For large recruiting teams


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More than 150 companies use Talention

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  • Where is the data stored?
    The data is stored in Germany. In addition to the offer, you will receive a contract for data processing, which regulates all organizational content for data management.
  • How is the contract created?
    After clicking on the button "buy now", you will receive a booking link.

  • What is the minimum contract term?
    The minimum contract period is 12 months.
  • How is the contract extended?
    The contract is renewed automatically if it is not terminated.
  • How do I calculate the number of recruiters (users)?
    A user is a named person (named-user model). If more than one person in your company needs a separate account, they count as an additional recruiter/user.

  • What are hiring managers?
    These are users from the department who can evaluate prospects or applicants.

  • Is the trial free?
    You can use our trial for 30 days for free. After the 30 days, the trial ends automatically. There is no obligation for you to pay.

What our customers say

"With Talention, we have found software that supports us in all areas of recruitment marketing. We were able to build a lead pipeline that protects us from future staff shortages.“

Christian Wolf -  Gi Group
Christian Wolf
National Process Manager Recruitment & Training
Gi Group

"The interconnection of state-of-the-art technology and data analytics was the crucial aspect in our decision to choose Talention. The data analysis enables us to efficiently structure our lead management and the subsequent recruiting process. For us, Talention is a partner who shares the same vision."

 Burkhard Hanke - zeb

Burkhard Hanke
Head of Recruiting and Employer Branding


"The user-friendly system facilitates our processes and is very convenient in terms of handling. Flows in our recruiting process were simplified and accelerated tremendously thanks to the software. The decision to choose Talention was the right one because the software has proven itself very effective in actual practice."

Igor Stödter - Fincon

Igor Stödter
Head of HR