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Chatbots in Recruiting: Everything You Need to Know

Chatbots, AI and Big Data analytics are the top trend topics of 2018 that no recruiter or HR manager can avoid. You might have found yourself asking, what are chatbots in recruiting all about and are they even worthwhile for HR? This article will tell you what the term 'chatbot' actually means and how it can be used in recruiting.

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The 5 Golden Rules for Sourcing Candidates (Infographic)

Are you a sourcer or do you want to improve sourcing in your team and are wondering how you can best address potential candidates to make them enthusiastic about your company and your vacancies?

In this infographic we present you the 5 golden rules, which you should follow in order to be successful sourcing.

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How Pinterest Supports Your Content Marketing in Recruiting

Surely you already know Pinterest from your private usage. Have you ever wondered how Pinterest can support your content marketing in recruiting? The platform is particularly popular among American companies. You can find out in this article what Pinterest has to offer and why it could be worthwhile for your company to become active there.

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The 5 Golden Rules for Addressing Candidates Through Sourcing

Do you want to improve your sourcing within your team? Are you wondering how you can address potential candidates in order to make them enthusiastic about your company and your vacancies? In this article we present you the 5 golden rules you should follow to be successful in addressing potential candidates.

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Interview with Sutter LOCAL MEDIA: Faster and More Up-to-Date Thanks to an Applicant Tracking System

Why is it worthwhile for every HR department to think about purchasing an applicant tracking system? Talention was in contact with Jennifer Wildschütz, personnel manager at Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH, on this topic. Find out here which daily challenges led to the acquisition of Talention and which advantages an applicant tracking system brings along in the everyday life of a recruiter.

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What is Sourcing?

The term sourcing is currently appearing everywhere in the recruiting world. Many companies have been doing it for a long time or plan to recruit more proactively in the near future. But what exactly is the definition of sourcing, what does it include and why is it such a hot topic? This article answers these questions and gives you the basics you need to know.

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9 Advantages of Using an ATS (Infographic)

An applicant tracking system is essentially a tool for managing applications. It helps to support all aspects of the recruiter administration and decision-making process. This includes receiving and evaluating applications, sending e-mails, ranking candidates, sending reminders, notifications to colleagues and storing candidate information.

Our infographic shows you 9 advantages of an applicant tracking system, which speak for the acquisition of such.

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Learn How the Stifterverband Uses Alumni Networks as a Recruiting Channel

Did you know that alumni networks are used as a recruiting channel and can be a way to deal with the shortage of skilled workers? We are delighted that we had the opportunity to sit down with Marion Langenbach, Head of Personnel Selection and Development at the Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V., where exactly this approach has proven its worth.

The Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. is an institution with a long tradition and almost 100 years of history that goes back to the Weimar Republic and is today at the centre of a complex network of business, science, politics and civil society. Find out more about the daily challenges in recruiting, how Talention is used and about the alumni networks in this article.

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Innovative Recruiting at STAFFXPERTS: How We Remove Application Barriers

It is no longer a secret that the recruiting market is increasingly undergoing changes. But how do personnel service providers feel about these changes and, above all, what consequences do they draw from them? Talention interviewed two recruiters from STAFFXPERTS GmbH about the importance of content marketing in recruiting, their use of the Talention software and their attitude towards the much discussed need for a motivation letter.

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Social Recruiting: How Do Facebook Ads Succeed?

Have you ever tried using Facebook ads as a recruiting tool to reach passive candidates? Because nowadays not only can you publish Google ads, but also Facebook ads. Social media recruiting in general and Facebook recruiting in particular are good channels and measures to address passive candidates with new jobs and job offers.  In this article we want to demonstrate to you what you need to consider when creating Facebook ads so that you can use them to really convince the desired top candidates.

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