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10 Reasons Why Talention is the Best Recruiting Software for Staffing Agencies

When it comes to recruiting, staffing agencies are always working to make their processes faster, cheaper, and more simplified. They have to work smarter and stay ahead of the competition if they want to be successful. One way to do this is by utilizing a cutting-edge recruiting software. In this article we are going to share the 10 reasons why Talention is the best recruiting software for staffing agencies.

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10 Reasons Why Talention Is the Best Recruiting Software for Startups

One of the biggest challenges facing startups is their fast growth. They need recruiting experts, but unfortunately often have to do the recruiting themselves, without having any of the necessary skills. It becomes difficult for them to find qualified candidates who have the spirit to build something up from scratch. That’s where Talention can step in to help startups create a successful recruiting process. Want to know more? Here are ten reasons why Talention is the best recruiting software for startups.

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The Benefits of SEO in Recruiting

You've likely heard of SEO and its use in online marketing. But do you know the best way to utilize it for your recruiting process? In this article we would like to give you an overview of what SEO is and why it is so important for a successful recruiting strategy.

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Why It’s Easier to Optimize Job Ads for SEO Than You Might Think

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key if you want to reach as many candidates as possible with you job advertisements. Yet, SEO can often be a roadblock for many recruiters who aren't quite sure how it works. In this article, we will explain how to optimize your job ads for SEO and why it might actually be a lot easier than you think.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly important for any company that has an online presence, which in our digital society is more or less every company. For recruiting, this means that SEO is a key element that should be integrated into your strategy. Still not convinced? We'll explain what SEO is and why it is critical for successful recruiting in this article.

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What is an EVP?

As a recruiter, it’s easy to always think about the recruiting process from the company's perspective. But what about the candidates’ perspective? What is it that actually convinces them to apply to your company? In this article, we’ll explain what an EVP is and how it can be the deciding factor in a candidates’ decision making process.

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Candidate Relationship Management vs. Candidate Experience: What’s the Difference?

In recruiting, there are a lot of buzzwords that include the word candidate. We know this can get a little confusing, so we’ve put together an explanation on the difference between candidate relationship management and candidate experience.

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The Anatomy of a Great CRM Recruiting Software

Candidate relationship management (CRM) is becoming a significant part in a successful recruiting process. But what is the best way to implement CRM into your strategy? In this article, we'll explain why a CRM recruiting software can be beneficial to your recruiting process and how you can use it to improve your candidate relationships.

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What Is Talent Relationship Management?

With the constant developments and changes in the world of recruiting, It’s hard to keep up with all of the new lingo. One of the latest terms is talent relationship management and if you’re not quite sure what that means, don’t worry. We’re here to give you the breakdown on what talent relationship management is, along with all of the most important details on this topic.

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7 Things Most Recruiters Don’t Know About Landing Pages

Your career page is one of the most important pieces in your recruiting process. Yet so many companies aren't taking advantage of one of the most vital elements of the career page - the landing page. In this article we'll explain what landing pages are and reveal the seven things you may not know about them.

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