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Diversity Recruiting: 7 Ideas for Improving Your Strategy

Mar 15, 2019 8:57:00 AM

Diversity, gender, and inclusion are three of biggest buzzwords in recruiting right now. If you've been feeling like you constantly hear about diversity, but haven't found a way to implement it into your recruiting strategy, you are not alone. We've heard this common complaint and put together seven easy ideas for improving your diversity recruiting strategy.

Diversity in recruiting

7 ideas for improving your diversity recruiting strategy

1. Think about where you are posting your job ads

You’ve likely found a few channels that work extremely well for your job ads, but take a moment to consider who you are reaching via those channels. Is it a diverse audience? Are there other channels you could use that might reach a wider range of candidates? Trying out a few new job boards could be a quick and easy way to improve your diversity.

2. Consider what kinds of candidates you are sourcing

If you are actively sourcing passive candidates, take into consideration who you tend to reach out to. Are you frequently contacting the same type of candidate? You may need to conduct a review of your own process and see if there is a pattern among the candidates that you contact.

3. Change the wording in your job ads

Another thing that may be driving away diverse candidate is the wording used in your job ads. In particular, you should consider how you are phrasing things like job requirements and benefits. These are both areas where certain points will attract certain target groups. For example, mentioning flexibility as a benefit will attract millennials.

4. Use more inclusive photos

The photos that you use on your job ads, career page, and website can impact who will apply at your company. Make sure you include photos that will make all types of candidates feel welcome.

5. Attend and host different types of events

Events are a great way to get to know new candidates. To increase diversity, try switching things up with your events and trying something new. You could host in a different location or attend an event with a more diverse attendance.

6. Review your current employer branding

Is your employer brand inclusive? Take time to review your strategy to ensure you have created a brand that all candidates feel they can be a part of. One way to start this process is by reading reviews of your company and talking with current employees to see how they feel about the inclusivity of the brand.

7. Analyze the success of your strategy

Set up some target KPIs to measure the success of your diversity recruiting strategy. For example, you could be tracking things like number of diverse applicants, number of diverse interviews, and number of diverse hires.

Would you like to learn more about diversity recruiting? We would like to share expert knowledge with you and show you best practice examples in the Talention software. Just ask for a free demo here and someone will get in touch with you shortly. Request a demo now.

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