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54 HR Definitions That Every Recruiter Needs to Know

Vocabulary and technical terms in the field of human resources are noticeably changing. More and more marketing terms fill a recruiter's vocabulary. Through regular contact with our clients, our team has noticed that there are many HR terms that are frequently used, but also cause confusion. We have compiled 54 of the most common HR definitions that every recruiter should know for you and included an easy to understand explanation so that you don't have to worry about any unknown technical terms.

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3 Job Rejection Email Samples That Can Be Used Today

It is well known that it's not an easy task to write rejections for applications, yet the bad news still has to be delivered. But be careful, using the wrong wording may scare applicants or lead to a damaged employer image. Don't worry! We have three job rejection email samples for you that can be used immediately and we will explain why you should use them.

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