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7 Mistakes That Make Your Sourcing a Disaster

Oct 9, 2019 1:21:00 PM

Nowadays, modern recruiting methods are essential to attract new applicants and employees to your company. This also includes Sourcing. But when it comes to direct and personal contact with candidates, things can go wrong. Your efforts should not be in vain. In this article we show you the 7 worst mistakes that make your Sourcing a disaster.

7 Mistakes That Make Your Sourcing a Disaster

Perhaps you are already using Sourcing or are planning to do so. Mistakes can easily sneak in, and your success can suffer as a result. To ensure that this does not happen, you should read the following 7 mistakes, which would guarantee the failure of your Sourcing.

7 Mistakes That Make Your Sourcing a Disaster

1) Neglected Employer Branding

If a candidate is being contacted by a company (or a recruiter), he will first research that company. From the recruiter profile to the career page to comparison portals such as kununu or glassdoor, there are various places where information can be found. If the candidate does not find any information or even bad ratings at these places, the probability that your project will be a success decreases: The candidate may not respond to your message and may not be interested in you.

2) Looking for the wrong candidates

In any case, you should regularly and clearly discuss with the respective specialist department which candidates are being sought and which skills are required. Otherwise you may find some candidates who are interested in your job advertisement - but who do not meet the desired requirements at all. On the one hand your work will not bear fruit and on the other hand your candidates will be disappointed if they receive a sudden rejection.

3) Using the wrong channels

The digital age has brought many new recruiting channels with it. Social media channels such as Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn are only a brief excerpt (would you like to learn more about Sourcing channels? Read more here). You need to research exactly which channels your candidates are in. A computer science student, for example, will be more likely to be active on Facebook, whereas graduates will be the first to create an Xing profile after graduation. You shouldn't rely on just one channel, and you should always be vigilant and control the success of your chosen channels.

4) Communication

In approaching a promising candidate, the challenge is to communicate personally, individually and professionally. Do not address candidates with regular phrases and avoid messages that sound like mass e-mails - your candidates will see through this immediately. Appreciate the candidates, address them with their names and, for example, respond to their profile. In another article, we have summarized golden rules for addressing candidates. Read more here.

5) Miss opportunities

Many may not be aware of it, but time is an important aspect when Sourcing. For example, if you reply to a candidate after a few weeks, he will have lost interest long ago. Therefore your process should be clearly structured. The next steps from telephone interview to job interview to employment contract (or alternatively inclusion in the talent pool) should be prepared so that you can easily recruit candidates for your company.

6) Leaving candidates behind

Most of the candidates you approach are currently in a different employment relationship or have no interest in a new employer for other reasons. Maybe now is not the right time for them to apply - but perhaps in the future. To this end, you should not simply leave contacts behind. Invite candidates into your talent pool and keep them informed about new job offers or invite them to events of your company. In this way you can build a long-term relationship and possibly win them over to your company in the future.

7) Losing track

Sourcer address numerous candidates and write hundreds of messages. Understandably, it is difficult to maintain an overview. It is possible that important candidates are lost and valuable information is not retrieved. That does not have to be the case. Today, there are software solutions like Talention that can make your sourcing easier. Learn more about our Sourcing Tool!

Talention offers all the functions required for modern recruiting, from career page to talent pool and sourcing. We would be happy to show you in a non-binding demo how we can support you. Request a demo today! 

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