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Candidate Sourcing Trends - Helpful Tips for Your Success - Interview

What are the biggest challenges in candidate sourcing? Where will sourcing develop in the future? We talked to Wolfgang Brickwedde, Head of the Institute for Competitive Recruiting (ICR) Heidelberg, about challenges in candidate sourcing and received some tips from the experts for ideal sourcing.

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Best Practice Staffing Agency: Number of Applicants Doubled to Over 69,000

The GiGroup, one of the largest international staffing agencies, can look back on a successful year, particularly in Germany. Following the switch to Talention Software, GiGroup Germany doubled the number of applicants last year to over 69,000, despite declining unemployment figures. We conducted an interview with Christian Wolf, Service Director of GiGroup Germany, in which he talks about current successes and success factors for staffing agencies.

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Interview with Sutter LOCAL MEDIA: Faster and More Up-to-Date Thanks to an Applicant Tracking System

Why is it worthwhile for every HR department to think about purchasing an applicant tracking system? Talention was in contact with Jennifer Wildschütz, personnel manager at Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH, on this topic. Find out here which daily challenges led to the acquisition of Talention and which advantages an applicant tracking system brings along in the everyday life of a recruiter.

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Learn How the Stifterverband Uses Alumni Networks as a Recruiting Channel

Did you know that alumni networks are used as a recruiting channel and can be a way to deal with the shortage of skilled workers? We are delighted that we had the opportunity to sit down with Marion Langenbach, Head of Personnel Selection and Development at the Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V., where exactly this approach has proven its worth.

The Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. is an institution with a long tradition and almost 100 years of history that goes back to the Weimar Republic and is today at the centre of a complex network of business, science, politics and civil society. Find out more about the daily challenges in recruiting, how Talention is used and about the alumni networks in this article.

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Innovative Recruiting at STAFFXPERTS: How We Remove Application Barriers

It is no longer a secret that the recruiting market is increasingly undergoing changes. But how do personnel service providers feel about these changes and, above all, what consequences do they draw from them? Talention interviewed two recruiters from STAFFXPERTS GmbH about the importance of content marketing in recruiting, their use of the Talention software and their attitude towards the much discussed need for a motivation letter.

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Interview: Focusing on Employer Branding with Jan Dirzus

Talention interviewed Jan Dirzus from the company Coroplast about employer branding.

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Interview with Sonnenschein Personenbeförderung GmbH: Original recruiting in the social sector

What are the challenges that recruiters face in the social sector? We sat down with Harald Böning, the CEO of Sonnenschein Personenbeförderung GmbH, to get to the bottom of exactly that and other questions concerning recruiting. You can find out here how he deals with the challenges and how Talention supports him on a daily basis.

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Interview with Faber & Faber Personnel Services GmbH & Co KG: "Being personal is what counts."

What are the current trends in recruiting? What challenges do personnel service providers face every day? Andreas G. Rieder, managing partner of Faber & Faber Personnel Services GmbH & Co. KG, sat down with us in order to answer these questions. In our interview, he spoke about his perspective on the recruiting market and what improvements Talention brought to his company.

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Interview with 8select: Better Coordination Within Departments

We conducted an interview with Magdalena Riedl, HR Manager at 8select Software GmbH. She told us about challenges in recruiting IT developers, their experiences with the Talention software, and developments in the recruiting market.

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Interview GEFA BANK GmbH: Measure and Control the Influencing Factors in the Application Process

We conducted a telephone interview with Ms. Almut Fischer, Head of Human Resources at GEFA BANK GmbH. In addition to managing a 12-person team across 8 locations, Ms. Fischer has a variety of HR responsibilities and is often on the move through various locations. We are especially pleased that she took the time to talk with us in an interview about her current challenges and best practice examples in recruiting.

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