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Interview with Faber & Faber Personnel Services GmbH & Co KG: "Being personal is what counts."

Jul 4, 2018 10:13:35 AM

What are the current trends in recruiting? What challenges do personnel service providers face every day? Andreas G. Rieder, managing partner of Faber & Faber Personnel Services GmbH & Co. KG, sat down with us in order to answer these questions. In our interview, he spoke about his perspective on the recruiting market and what improvements Talention brought to his company.

Talention: “Hello Mr Rieder. Can you tell us a few words about Faber & Faber and your role in the company?"

Before starting my own business, I worked in the finance and IT departments of an enterprise and a medium-sized company. In 2014 I bought Faber & Faber together with my wife. At this time Faber & Faber was a classic personnel service provider, but is currently developing into a provider that focuses on logistics and commercial real estate. In addition to Düsseldorf, we have had a location in Sibiu, Romania, since 2017.

Talention: "What challenges are you currently facing in recruiting?"

Addressing and attracting applicants is our primary challenge. When it comes to sourcing in social networks, we have to work in a highly personalized way. This tends to be the best way to get potential applicants to respond. Employer branding is also a topic for us in order to further establish ourselves as a brand with our specialization.

Talention: "What has changed in your recruiting with Talention and what was the decisive argument for Talention for you?"

An important argument for us was certainly the technical analysis option optimized by Talention, such as keyword analysis in the area of ad titles. Here we can also recognize on which portals the placement of job advertisements is successful and on which it is not. We have already taken a major step forward in the area of analytics and see potential for optimization in the future. An understanding of where we get clicks from and where we lose the candidates is currently an important topic for us. We have found that the whole field of analytics is a very high priority for Talention.

Talention: "How did the onboarding of Talention go?"

Questions we had during the onboarding were answered very well by your support, the FAQs and the provided solutions. We were also able to find quick and, above all, personal solutions for everything that went beyond this.

Talention: “In which direction will the recruiting market develop in the future?"

The personal support and marketing of candidates will become increasingly important and certainly one of the main trends in the future of recruiting.  

Talention: "Thank you for the informative interview."

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