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Recruiting Strategy: What Every Recruiter Needs to Know

The activities of a recruiter have changed fundamentally in recent years. In this article, we will explain why the recruiter's profession has changed and which skills are relevant for a successful recruiting strategy.

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6 Quick Tips for Writing the Perfect Job Offer Email

As a recruiter, one of the best feelings is finally selecting your dream candidate after a long deliberation process. Which leads to one of the final steps of the recruitment process: the job offer email. We’ve put together 6 quick tips to help you write the perfect job offer email and included a best practice template that you can customize.

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Infographic: 9 Tips for Great Staffing Agencies

The activities of staffing agencies have changed as a result of digitalization. In order to be a great staffing agency, you need to take advantage of digitalization.

In this infographic we will give you 9 practical tips that a staffing agency must take into account when it comes to digitalization.

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3 Job Rejection Email Samples That Can Be Used Today

It is well known that it's not an easy task to write rejections for applications, yet the bad news still has to be delivered. But be careful, using the wrong wording may scare applicants or lead to a damaged employer image. Don't worry! We have three job rejection email samples for you that can be used immediately and we will explain why you should use them.

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Infographic - What is an EVP?


As a recruiter, it’s easy to always think about the recruiting process from the company's perspective. But what about the candidates’ perspective? What is it that actually convinces them to apply to your company?

In this infographic, you will learn what an EVP is and how it can be the deciding factor in a candidates’ decision making process.

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How To Write Job Rejection Emails That Candidates Won’t Hate

Job rejection emails can be a pain point for many recruiters. They have to find a way to break bad news to candidates in a positive and professional way. If you’re a recruiter who shares this struggle, check out our five tips on how to write the perfect job rejection email.

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Job Rejection Emails: Don’t Make These 6 Common Mistakes

Job rejection emails are usually met with mutual disdain from both recruiters and candidates. Recruiters don’t want to write them and candidates don’t want to receive them. Yet they don’t have to be such a pain, as long as you follow the right protocol. Find out in our article how you can avoid the six common mistakes recruiters often make with job rejection emails.

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6 Things Candidates Hate About Your Job Application Process

There’s nothing that can make a candidate abruptly leave a job ad without applying like an outdated application process. To avoid this, you need to make sure that your application forms are set up with the candidate in mind. We’re going to explain the six things candidates hate the most about your job application process and how you can change it.

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What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition has become an important part of the modern HR department. Yet, many HR professionals still don’t know what the term means. In this article we will explain what talent acquisition is and how it relates to recruitment marketing.

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Is Machine Learning Making Recruiting Better or Worse?

Machine learning is one of those futuristic topics that often sparks fear or uncertainty. In HR, it leaves many recruiters wondering if it is actually making things in recruiting better or worse. In this article we will explain what machine learning is, how it is changing recruiting, and how you can use it to improve your recruiting process.

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