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The Anatomy of a Great CRM Recruiting Software

Candidate relationship management (CRM) is becoming a significant part in a successful recruiting process. But what is the best way to implement CRM into your strategy? In this article, we'll explain why a CRM recruiting software can be beneficial to your recruiting process and how you can use it to improve your candidate relationships.

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Candidate Relationship Management: Everything You Need to Know

You may know what candidate relationship management is, but have you ever wondered how candidate relationship management actually works? In this article we will explain how to engage applicants with your employer brand through relationship management.

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Infographic: 8 KPIs to Define Your Candidate Journey

Whether they are visiting your career site or your job advertisements, it’s important to know where your website visitors are coming from. If your visitors are coming from other countries, they are probably not going to submit an application. These visits from foreign countries only lead to clicks on the job advertisement, but not to actual applications. The same is true for clicks from the wrong region. 

Check the following key performance indicators to find out where your candidate journey can be optimized.

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Best Practice Staffing Agency: Number of Applicants Doubled to Over 69,000

The GiGroup, one of the largest international staffing agencies, can look back on a successful year, particularly in Germany. Following the switch to Talention Software, GiGroup Germany doubled the number of applicants last year to over 69,000, despite declining unemployment figures. We conducted an interview with Christian Wolf, Service Director of GiGroup Germany, in which he talks about current successes and success factors for staffing agencies.

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What Is Talent Relationship Management?

With the constant developments and changes in the world of recruiting, It’s hard to keep up with all of the new lingo. One of the latest terms is talent relationship management and if you’re not quite sure what that means, don’t worry. We’re here to give you the breakdown on what talent relationship management is, along with all of the most important details on this topic.

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7 Things Most Recruiters Don’t Know About Landing Pages

Your career page is one of the most important pieces in your recruiting process. Yet so many companies aren't taking advantage of one of the most vital elements of the career page - the landing page. In this article we'll explain what landing pages are and reveal the seven things you may not know about them.

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5 Best Practice Company Culture Videos to Watch for Inspiration

One of the most important parts of the recruiting process is making sure that your applicants fit in with your company culture. It's pivotal that applicants have a chance to to get to know your company during the recruiting process. One easy way to do this is by creating a company culture video. In this article we'll explain what a company culture video is and give you five best practice examples to serve as inspiration.

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3 Reasons Why A/B Testing Is Essential For Your Recruiting Strategy

A/B testing has become a staple in a successful modern marketing strategy. But it’s not just a tool for marketing, it can also be effectively utilized for your recruiting strategy. In this article, we’ll explain what A/B testing is, how it can be used for recruiting, and three reasons why you should start implementing it into your own strategy.

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6 Reasons Why Companies Select Staffing Agencies

Here at Talention, we have both staffing agencies and companies as customers and therefore know both sides of the coin. Agencies often contact us to find out what companies pay attention to when selecting a staffing agency. We have summarized here what we have received as feedback in these discussions.

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9 Tips for Great Staffing Agencies

The activities of staffing agencies have changed as a result of digitalization. In order to be a great staffing agency, you need to take advantage of digitalization. In this article we will give you practical tips that a staffing agency must take into account when it comes to digitalization.

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