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4 Generations of Applicants Recruiters Should Focus On - Infographic

Aug 28, 2019 8:19:00 AM

Recruiters currently face 4 different generations on the employment market who are candidates for vacancies. Each generation is different in its way and requires different approaches. In this infographic you can find out which 4 generations recruiters should focus on and what special features there are.

In today's competition for suitable candidates, candidates can only be targeted and successfully recruited for your own company by means of recruiting marketing methods. It is important to consider the particularities of different candidate target groups. An important characteristic is the age of the desired target group or their generation affiliation. Younger generations, for example, attach great importance to mobile application opportunities and are inspired by the work-life balance at the workplace. In the following overview you can see which generations exist and what you have to pay attention to:

These 4 Generations of Applicants are faced with Recruiters

4 Generations of Applicants Recruiters Should Focus On


The Talention software supports you in the complete recruiting process for a successful recruitment of different generations. We would be happy to show you further examples from your industry and the concrete implementation in the Talention software. Request a free demo today!

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