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10 Skills That Today’s Recruiter Needs

Over the past few years, the recruiter’s activities have changed fundamentally. Previously, the recruiter’s task was of an administrative nature. Due to the intensifying reduction of unemployment, the resulting fiercer competition and digitalization, the tasks have changed in such a way that today’s recruiter rather takes on a marketing role. In this article we've gathered the 10 most essential recruiter skills for successful recruiting process.

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Conversion Rate — Why Is It Important for Incoming Applications?

The conversion rate describes the ratio of visitors of a website to the action they took. You mainly find them in connection with online marketing activities. The conversion rate is a key measuring parameter when you need to find out how successful, for example, a specific campaign or job advertisement is. 

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Click rate - why is it so important for incoming applications?

The click rate, or also the click-through-rate, is a key performance indicator in the online marketing sector to determine success. It can measure both the success of a specific advertising campaign, and also how successful a certain website is. Based on this measuring parameter, you can, for example, find out whether your career site reaches the desired target group in a way that makes them continue to click on the job advertisements.

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What is the Candidate Journey?

The candidate journey is the path candidates take when they apply for a job with a company. On this journey, candidates experience several points of contact and develop an individual perception of the process. Consequently, the candidate journey represents the candidate’s trip, from a preliminary search for new challenges to the company’s decision-making process and then to the completion of the application process. 

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