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10 Skills That Today’s Recruiter Needs

Jun 22, 2017 5:49:42 PM

Over the past few years, the recruiter’s activities have changed fundamentally. Previously, the recruiter’s task was of an administrative nature. Due to the intensifying reduction of unemployment, the resulting fiercer competition and digitalization, the tasks have changed in such a way that today’s recruiter rather takes on a marketing role. In this article we've gathered the 10 most essential recruiter skills for successful recruiting process.

10 essential recruiter skills

1. Controlling

When you aim to implement your HR-related strategic objectives on today’s job market, the monitoring and controlling of measures and processes has become indispensable. For this purpose, you should gather the key performance indicators which are relevant for your company and your goals.

2. Employer branding

Increasing competitiveness and attractiveness of the employer brand are the keys to success today. The companies’ objective is to be well-known as an attractive employer by the desired target group. Communicate your employer benefits to your target group! Only in this way can you convince candidates that you’re the right one and encourage them to apply with you. An analysis of the own position of the employer brand is possible by evaluating data from the staff recruitment process.

3. Candidate sourcing

Since for the most part, candidates are no longer actively searching for a job today, you must reach them through other channels. This can be done in a variety of different ways. One option is that you actively contact them and woo them away from other companies.

4. Mobile & web design

Nowadays, just about everybody has a smartphone and/or tablet. A lot of people use these to surf the net while they’re on the go and to get information about job offers. That’s why it’s important that your career site can be displayed on mobile devices without any problems, and that it looks attractive to your target groups.

5. Optimization of search engines / SEO

Search engines are important in recruitment marketing. The term ‘search engine’ is often equated with Google. However, it also refers to search engines in the case of job boards, job search engines, and your search on your own career site.

So one key question is whether your contents are optimized in terms of the search engine. If this is still not the case, you should change this right away. Only in this way can you leverage the power of search engines to make candidates become aware and convinced of you.

6. Performance analysis

Anybody can post job advertisements. Far more important today is being able to measure your success rate, too. By using web analytics models, you’ll quickly learn where change is needed and how you can enhance your application processes.

7. Social media

Use social media channels for your marketing and to post job advertisements. Benefit from the ease-of-use and low costs of these channels, and gain a cutting-edge over your competitors. In our blog, we’ve already described how you’ll succeed in doing this: for example, read about how you can post job advertisements on Facebook or LinkedIn!

8. Campaign planning

Campaigns are important in order to measure progress. The question often arises as to how things were done in the past and what led to success.

So that you don’t have to start from scratch every time in the future, it’s important to organize your recruiting measures and structure them under campaigns. Organize the contents, channels and web analytics according to the relevant campaign.

9. Applicant tracking

This is defined as the software that controls today’s candidate management. It controls all challenges in the application process, and gives the recruiter an overview. In the process, the system for the entire workflow helps to manage applications in an easier way and to enhance in-house communication.

10. Multiposting

You should find out on which job boards your job advertisements are successful. With which job boards are you reaching your desired target group? Once you’ve determined this, you should post your job advertisements on various portals in order to reach a large number of candidates.

Check out our "Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Modern Recruiter" find further resources for recruiters.

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