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What is the Candidate Journey?

Jun 8, 2017 4:20:06 PM

The candidate journey is the path candidates take when they apply for a job with a company. On this journey, candidates experience several points of contact and develop an individual perception of the process. Consequently, the candidate journey represents the candidate’s trip, from a preliminary search for new challenges to the company’s decision-making process and then to the completion of the application process. 

The candidate journey

A candidate goes through various phases on this journey.

candidate Journey


1. Worldwide web

This phase initially refers to basic research. Candidates are looking for a new challenge and searching for a new job in a general way. Maybe they’re also first getting information about opportunities that could open up for them.


2. Company website

In phase two, the candidate has already become aware of a company and would now first like to get an overview of the company. Candidates would like to know whether they’d be a good fit with the company and if they can identify themselves with it.

3. Career site

During the career site phase, candidates have reached the stage where they’ve opted for a company and now want to find out which opportunities they’d have at the company and whether the advertised jobs are even available.

4. Job advertisements

In this phase, candidates are looking for job advertisements from this company that are especially attractive to them and that interest them personally.

5. Application

When candidates are convinced about a job that’s advertised, they start the application process.


6. Submitting the application

This phase represents the end of the candidate journey. Candidates only really complete the application when they don’t have to put too much effort into applying.

So during this journey, candidates must be continuously guided further to the next step and prevented from deciding not to submit their application.

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to the Candidate Journey" to find further resources on the topic of the candidate journey.

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