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Typical Errors When Tracking the Candidate Journey

Mar 2, 2018 1:58:00 PM

You may be familiar with this problem: in your analytics, all your traffic and applications are generated by the career site and you can’t identify any specific sources. Ideally, however, you would like to track each step of the applicant in the candidate journey so you can optimize your processes. In this article, we will explain how errors can arise during tracking and what you can do about it.

Tracking the candidate journey

Many companies face the problem of imprecise and fragmentary reports. Exact source tracking or a depiction of the candidate journey along with a clean cost-per-applicant value is impossible. The traffic can’t be broken down precisely and most of it is simply shown as traffic from the career site.

However, you know that you regularly place ads in CareerBuilder and Indeed, for example, and would like to know what these channels are contributing.

 Typical errors when tracking the candidate journey


What is the source of the false tracking?

Let’s say you place an ad on CareerBuilder. In this case, the click made by a candidate on your job advertisement is tracked. If the candidate then decides to complete an application on CareerBuilder, clicks on the application button and submits the application, your system will track “CareerBuilder” as the source.

In reality, however, few candidates apply for the position on CareerBuilder directly after the first click on the ad. Instead, they next visit the company’s career site to find out more about the future employer and its benefits. The potential candidate then clicks on the company’s job board and ultimately submits an application via the career site. In these cases, most systems will track the career site as the source, rather than the actual initiator—the job advertisement on CareerBuilder.


How can imprecise tracking be prevented?

Of course you would like to know how much traffic and how many applications were generated through your ad. Only when you have this information can you utilize your channels expediently when a new position comes up, i.e. post an ad in the channels that will actually bring you the right candidates. Exact tracking makes your entire process more transparent and instead of going by your gut feeling, you can make the appropriate decisions for your ads.


How can you benefit from candidate journey tracking and conversion analytics?

Modern recruitment marketing tools such as Talention offer reliable and comprehensive candidate journey tracking. This tracking transparently represents how much traffic is generated from which source and, for example, how much traffic has come from Indeed (see screenshot) and how this traffic changes across the individual sections of the candidate journey.


Typical errors when tracking the candidate journey


The difference of the candidate journey tracking is that it tracks the first original contact by the candidate, in the Indeed screenshot example, even if there was no conversion here. It also captures how often this candidate returns to the ad and how many sessions have been initiated (see screenshot). If this candidate ultimately applies on the career site based on the job advertisement, the site automatically becomes a touchpoint in the candidate journey without replacing the original source responsible for reaching the target group.


How does candidate journey tracking work with other tools?

You may ask yourself how candidate journey tracking can function while different systems are in use.

From our own experience, we know that companies often work with various tools and/or agencies. Agencies are often responsible for the placement and tools for the management of the applications. A recruiting marketing tool such as Talention can create a connection between these areas. Starting with the data generated during the placement, then the career site visit and finally the application. This is performed via source tracking codes and interfaces to the individual providers to enable a simple and seamless data exchange.

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to the Candidate Journey" to find further resources on the topic of the candidate journey.

Are you still dissatisfied with your tracking? You’re not getting the information that you need? Please contact us.  In a free demo, we would be glad to show you what Talention can do to optimize your tracking.  >> Request demo

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