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Is Machine Learning Making Recruiting Better or Worse?

Feb 19, 2019 8:56:00 AM

Machine learning is one of those futuristic topics that often sparks fear or uncertainty. In HR, it leaves many recruiters wondering if it is actually making things in recruiting better or worse. In this article we will explain what machine learning is, how it is changing recruiting, and how you can use it to improve your recruiting process.

Machine learning in recruiting

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the theory that computers are able to learn and adapt on their own, without help from specific programming. It is the idea that machines can use data to independently teach themselves how to do something, similar to how a human would teach themselves a new skill.

The difference between machine learning and AI

The main difference between machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) is that machine learning is just one part of AI. AI is the general concept of machines simulating human intelligence in various ways, but machine learning is the specific act of machines learning on their own.

How machine learning is improving the world of recruiting

Machine learning has improved recruiting in many ways. Recruiting software in particular has improved, with advanced software adopting machine learning tools and features. Some examples of those features are:


Machine learning can be beneficial to help recruiters to source candidates via social networks. For example, a sourcing tool can help you to find passive candidates on LinkedIn by searching a large number of profiles according to your specifications.

Sourcing Tool Talention SoftwareScreenshot: Sourcing tool in the Talention software

Email Automation

Email automation can be a huge help for candidate nurturing and relationship building. Rather than having to write individual emails to hundreds or even thousands of candidates, you can automate emails to be sent to as many candidates as you need.

You can also schedule these emails to occur over a period of time so that you don’t have to physically hit the send button each time.

Email automation Talention softwareScreenshot: Email automation tool in the Talention software

CV Parsing

CV parsing is another aspect of machine learning that has become vital in recruiting. If you are receiving a large number of applications, CV parsing makes it easy to search for specific qualifications, like education, professional experience, or location.

What are the downsides to machine learning in recruiting?

While machine learning may not be actively harming recruiting, there are certainly aspects of recruiting that can’t be done by a machine.

For example, it may never be possible for a machine to determine things like how a candidate’s personality fits in with the company culture. Or for a machine to build genuine relationships with candidates.

In the end, while machine learning will continue to change recruiting for the better, it will never replace the need for experience recruiters. It will only increase the necessity of forward-thinking and advanced recruiting technology.

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to the Future of Recruiting" to find further resources on the topic of the future of recruiting.

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