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16 Questions to Consider Before Choosing an ATS

Aug 15, 2018 5:03:00 PM

Choosing an applicant tracking system (ATS) is no easy task, especially with so many different solutions available. The application tracking market can be very confusing, as the range of software features varies from provider to provider. That's why its important to think ahead of time about which features are essential for you and your recruiting team. We have put together an overview for you with the most important questions you should ask yourself in order to build up a list of requirements.

First, make up your mind

Take a minute to think about your recruiting process as a whole. Ask yourself a few questions like:

How is your recruiting process right now? What do you would like to change? What bothers you the most? What are the future recruiting plans of your company? What is the overall recruiting and employer branding strategy?

Once you've answered these general questions, you are ready to move onto the software focused questions.

16 questions to ask before choosing an ATS:

1. Are all the applications stored in one place? Can all of your applications be imported (mail, print, online etc.)?

2. Are you able to exchange information with colleagues via the system?

3. Can you create workflows and set reminders?

4. Does it provide a clear overview of all information? (e.g. candidate's status, history, ranking)

5. Will it enhance candidate's positive experiences and strengthen your employer brand?

6. Does it offer professional job advertisements?

7. Is it possible to post jobs on multiple channels? Including the channels that have been important for you in the past?

8. Is the application process provided simple?

9. Will it increase your reach and also increase free traffic?

10. Does it provide reports and analysis?

11. Does it provide an easy way to communicate with candidates? (e.g. receipt confirmations, interim notifications, mass rejections for applicants)

12. Does the system support mobile job advertisements?

13. Does it support talent relationship management / talent pool?

14. How is the implementation process? How long does it take? Is there an on-boarding process? Do they provide a support team?

15. Is the interface user friendly and easy to use?

16. Is it GDPR compliant?

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems" to find further resources on the topic of applicant tracking.

Talention offers an applicant tracking system with all the analysis and tools you need to find, reach, interest, and ultimately motivate your relevant candidate target groups to apply for jobs. We would be happy to show you what this process would look like in your case with a free demo. You can request a free demo here. 
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