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9 HR Hacks – How To Make Your Everyday Working Life Easier In HR

Sep 13, 2017 3:15:00 PM

Selection of the target group, creating a job advertisement or the staffing of hard-to-fill positions are just one part of the efforts required for recruiting. In this article, we’ll show you 9 HR hacks that will enable you to reduce your efforts and save time.

Modern HR departments

You have a wide array of jobs when you work in the HR sector. Especially if your HR department is very small-scale, or you’re alone, you’re surely all too familiar with the problem of not having any idea how you should tackle and master all administrative tasks. Besides internal employee issues like writing letters of reference, conducting interviews, etc., recruiting only makes up one part of the range of tasks. But nevertheless, the specialist department still expects you to come up with the right candidates quickly. Undivided attention cannot be given to this key part. 

9 HR hacks

1. Automatic confirmation of receipt

A lot of time is spent on sending confirmations of receipt for each application received. However, since you should definitely give your candidates a response, and they also shouldn’t have to wait too long for it, setting up automatic confirmations of receipt is recommended.

2. Communication in the system

Communication regarding each qualitative applicant with the relevant specialist department is another time requirement. Here, communication within a recruiting software makes work much easier and saves a lot of time.

3. Batch processing

Substantial time savings can also be realized by using batch processing. In this way, for example, unsuitable applications can be marked and all of these applicants can be rejected in one single step.

4. E-mail templates

As soon as you’ve stored e-mail templates in your system, you’ll no longer have to spend time finding new wording for each e-mail. Templates like these are, for example, useful for interim decisions, invitations to an interview, but also for rejections. When you then send these templates via batch processing, you’ll save a lot of time. 

5. Job advertisement templates

In addition, templates for job advertisements reduce the efforts and costs of the process tremendously. You should store various templates in your system. So then all you still need to do is insert the relevant text blocks and the job advertisement is ready to go. There’s no longer any need for tedious adjustments.

6. Application form

If your applicants apply using a form, the applicant data is automatically stored in the system. This means efforts required to shift these data from an e-mail or file into an excel sheet or a folder are no longer needed. Applications via a form also save you a lot of work, and you automatically gather all information about your applicant in just one place.

7. The right job title

First of all, you should make sure you’re using the right job title in your job advertisement. The right job title means the job title that your desired target group is looking for. Did you know that 30% of job advertisements are not even found at all by candidates? If you use the wrong job title, your job advertisement will not be found.

8. The right job board

It’s important that you publish your job advertisements on the job board that is right for you. In addition, find out which job boards your target group is using.  This is the only way your target group will become aware of you.

9. Channel analysis

Analyze which channel has performed the best. Find out which channels have brought you the most qualitative applicants. This is how you build up know-how for the future, and don’t have to start from scratch again for each recruiting process.

Talention relieves you from a large part of the administrative cost, and makes it possible for you to have state-of-the-art recruiting with lean and efficient processes. We’d be happy to show you how to implement the HR Hacks, and vastly reduce your administration processes with sophisticated recruiting software. You can request a free demo here.

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting" to find further resources on the topic of recruiting.

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