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Interview with Cpro Industry Projects & Solutions GmbH

Aug 22, 2017 9:57:04 AM

Cpro Industry Projects & Solutions GmbH is an expert in the integration of SAP solutions. We talked to Anika Zeimke from Cpro INDUSTRY about what the greatest challenges are for her in recruiting, how she uses evaluations in recruiting, and what she appreciates about Talention software.

Talention: Please briefly introduce yourself and Cpro Industry Projects & Solutions GmbH.

My name is Anika Zeimke. I’ve been working in a wide array of positions in the HR sector for more than 13 years now. I’ve been an HR consultant with Cpro INDUSTRY since August 2015. We’re mainly looking for experienced SAP consultants and SAP developers. Once a year, this also includes recruiting for trainees and dual-track students. Both processes are very time-consuming.

Anika Zeimke Cpro INDUSTRY


Talention: What is your biggest challenge in recruiting today?

As an HR manager, it’s a big challenge to prioritize, structure, bundle and organize your own tasks. What’s more, the focus of SAP recruiting is on hard-to-fill positions.


Talention: You’ve now been using Talention since 2016. What has changed during this time? What have you learned that you did not already know before?

I’ve learned a lot more. The SEO Genie offers particular added value because it makes it easy for you to use SEO. The research tool simplifies the process, too. I have also saved an enormous amount of time during applicant management by using batch processing. I no longer need to worry about whether the applicant has, for example, received a confirmation of receipt in good time because this process is preset, so it takes place in an automated way.

By evaluating the channels that I switch to, my whole process becomes more transparent and it is easier to understand. I see where the clicks are coming from, and therefore my applicants. In this way, I keep on learning new things for the future.

Individualization of the application form plays a key role, especially for the target group that Cpro INDUSTRY is looking for. Experienced SAP consultants or SAP developers don’t have the time to fill out complicated application forms. I’ve already received positive feedback about this from the applicants several times, too.

Especially during the implementation of Talention, the fantastic support really helped me along considerably. There’s easy-to-understand documentation for each issue. But if I still had any open questions, I was able to contact the support team by phone, and they then helped me further. 


Talention: What role do evaluations play for you in recruiting? Which key figures are especially important for you? 

Today, you can collect many different kinds of key figures. One very important question for me is where my candidate comes from. Since I focus intensively on active sourcing, I have to know if the candidate has then also come via this channel. The evaluation of individual job boards plays a pivotal role for me, too. In this way, I see which job boards provide me with qualitative candidates, and which ones I can forget about for the next recruiting phase. 


Talention: What role does lead management play for you (talent pool/job subscription)? Are you actively leveraging this potential today?

The talent pool is very important, especially in my sector. When the candidate applies as a junior, for example, he has acquired additional experience after one or more years. I can then get in touch with candidates like these again and address them.


Talention: What was the decisive factor for you in deciding in favor of Talention? 

I was not looking for typical applicant management software. But Talention is, after all, a mix of applicant management, recruiting and evaluation software. For me, the decisive factor was the evaluation of campaigns. I was especially excited about the possibility of bringing individual channels and job boards together under one campaign, and in turn, having a complete overview of the success in each case. During the start-up phase, I also felt that the seamless implementation of the software was very positive. This process went hand in hand with the Talention support team, and was therefore very easy for me.

In addition, Talention was highly recommended to me by one of our partner companies, Fincon Unternehmensberatung GmbH. FINCON has also been working with Talention for several years now and is very satisfied.


Talention: What do you have to say about the direction in which the HR market will develop? 

Digitalization is a major issue as well. Consequently, another very important aspect is the channel mix. It’s necessary to know where my desired target group is staying in order to take these channels into account in the next step.

The candidate experience is significant, too: how does the candidate experience the whole application process? You should ask yourself whether this is structured in a speedy, transparent and enjoyable way for the candidate.

Especially with regard to the changing job market, staff retention plays a key role, too.

Talention: Thank you very much for this insightful interview!


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