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10 Exceptional Career Page Examples

Oct 16, 2018 9:09:00 AM

Your company's career page is the central point of contact with potential candidates. On this page, it is important to convince candidates to submit an application and make their decision-making process easier. The career page is still the best employer branding tool for external communication and is ideal for strengthening your own employer attractiveness. We have put together 10 examples of really exceptional career page examples that will be hard to forget.

10 career page examples

1. Medallia

When you open the career page of the company Medallia, you automatically start a tour through the location. You get a clear impression of the workplace and also of the employees.

Take the tour here!

2. Deloitte

On the career page of Deloitte there is the possibility to start a 360 degree video featuring the office location. You get an insight into the office at the respective location as well as into the city.

Watch the 360 degree video here!

3. Deloitte

Deloitte has made another unique form of content available on their career page, a job matching section. A candidate can enter their course of study and interests here and after an evaluation the appropriate job possibilities will be displayed.

Check out the job matching section here!

4. Pivotal

The company Pivotal gives a nice example of how a clear and simple start page of a career page can be designed. The page consists mostly of text but is highlighted with a few images and videos.

View their career page here!

5. J.P. Morgan

When you land on the career page of J.P. Morgan, you are first asked a question. Candidates are asked what their ideal role would be. The appropriate division is then suggested to the candidate and they are able to find relevant positions. In this case, the candidate does not have to start a search themself.

Answer the question yourself here!

6. Palantir

On this career page, you will find a clear overview of the application process. Thus, candidates can always track of which stage of the application process they are currently at.

Check out the application process here!

7. Chipotle

Chipotle has a scrollable career path on its career page, with salary details, benefits, and a video. The candidate can easily find out about development opportunities at the company.

View the career path here!

8. Amazon

The Amazon career page starts with a search bar. This simple design helps candidates to find relevant positions faster.

See the search bar here!

9. Adidas

On the Adidas career page, there are no long paragraphs of text. Adidas focuses primarily on pictures and videos. By using this strategy, candidates can be given an impression of the location, atmosphere and employees.

Check out their career page here!

10. Eventbrite

The first thing you will see on the career page of Eventbrite is a moving font that writes about the characteristics of Eventbrite employees. Candidates are able to identify themselves within these suggestions.

You'll find the career page here!

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to Career Pages" to find further resources on the topic of career pages.

Now that you have some inspiration from exceptional career content, get started right away and create memorable content for your company's career pages!

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