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More Applicants: You Should Have an Insight of These 4 Phases!

Jul 18, 2017 3:00:00 PM

In times of skill shortages, it isn’t easy to staff specialist positions with suitable candidates. In this article, find out which 4 phases you should take into account in order to get more applicants.

More applicants: You should have an insight of these 4 phases!


How to get more applicants

There are several reasons why it has become more difficult to find the right employees.

One of these reasons is today’s job market. The unemployment rate in the USA is at the lowest level in 16 years with 4.3 percent (status May 2017). This means that candidates are no longer actively seeking work, but rather, most of them are employed. The candidate has become more demanding with regard to the application process.

Another reason is the change in recruiting. Today’s recruiter no longer only plays an administrative role; rather, he must take on a marketing role, too. A lot of new skills have been introduced that today’s recruiter should master.

One important aspect is that the focus should not merely be on the process that takes place starting with the incoming application, but rather on the upstream level, too. This level is called recruitment marketing. Differentiation must be made between various phases:

1. Attract

In this phase, anonymous candidates should, for example, be attracted by advertising for the company itself. In this way, the anonymous candidate should turn into a visitor.

2. Excite

In this phase, the career site itself should excite the candidate so much that they further develop into a lead. They therefore, for example, sign up for the job subscription or newsletter.

3. Convince

In this phase, the lead should be so convinced about the company itself that they turn into a candidate. By sending a newsletter, for example, the lead is continually informed about the benefits of the employer.

4. Win over

In this phase, by maintaining continuous contact, the candidate should be developed to such a degree that he turns into an applicant. The candidate is, for example, continually informed about current job openings.

All in all, you can pay attention to this upstream level by optimizing the candidate journey. You’ll find out what the candidate journey is here.

In the first step, you should enhance your visibility. That’s because when you’re more visible and can be found in a better way, the number of your incoming applications will improve, too. The following channels are considered to be suitable measures: Job boards, job search engines, social media, newsletters, SEO.

In step two, you should boost your conversion rate. This means that you should no longer blindly switch to as many channels as possible. Sure, this does initially lead to more clicks, but not to a higher number of incoming applications. Rather, you should try to get more out of a single click. You can achieve this by optimizing your candidate journey, as part of employer branding

It can clearly be said that you should conduct analyses to assess whether your career site is truly successful. Are you getting enough clicks on your career site? Where do these clicks come from?

Talention provides you with all modules to gather key performance indicators and to conduct the appropriate analyses. We’d be happy to show you what this can specifically look like for your company during a personal meeting. You can request a free demo here.

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