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HR Marketing: How Employer Branding Can Define Your Success

Sep 12, 2018 8:59:00 AM

HR marketing and employer branding go hand in hand when it comes to the recruiting process. But how are they connected? And why is employer branding so crucial for HR marketing success? In this article, we will answer your employer branding questions in relation to HR marketing and explain how it can define your recruiting success.

HR marketing & employer branding 

A company's employer brand is a key aspect of HR marketing. Your employer brand is the way that candidates and employees view your company, the experiences and interactions they’ve had, and ultimately how they would describe your company to another person.

Employer branding is the act of defining your employer brand. This has a significant effect on the success of your HR marketing strategies, because your employer brand is often what attracts and convinces quality candidates. In order to promote a positive brand, you have to take the time first to define what that means for your company.

Important employer branding components

There are multiple aspects of your employer branding that should be considered in terms of HR marketing. For example, it's important to think about how your employer brand is being represented throughout the recruiting process.

Consider how you present your employer brand in relation to the following aspects:

  • Website
  • Career page
  • Talent pool
  • Social media
  • Job advertisements
  • Application process
  • Interview process
  • Employee reviews

Is your brand consistent? Is it authentic to your company culture? Does it convince candidates why they should work for your company? These are all things that should be evaluated and integrated into your HR marketing strategy.

Employer branding and social media

Social media plays a large role in employer branding in today's digital world. From creating a Facebook job board to sharing visual content on Pinterest, there are almost an unlimited number of ways to use social media to promote your company online. 

In terms of HR marketing, it's important to make sure that the message being shared is consistent and relatable. It should be something that sparks the interest of those who are interested in your company. And they should then be convinced to send in an application.

HR Marketing: How Employer Branding Can Define Your SuccessScreenshot: Example of employer branding on Instagram

Measuring the success of your employer brand

Your employer brand can be measured with a number of KPIs, including:

  • Time-to-hire
  • Number of applications per year
  • Number of applications per position
  • Number of high quality applicants per position
  • Clicks on job advertisement
  • Clicks on application button
  • Bounce rate of job ads

These analyses are critical to the success of your HR marketing campaigns. You need to understand the success of your employer branding in a tangible way in order to improve. Read more here to learn more about why you should measure these KPIs.

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to HR Marketing" to find further resources on the topic of HR marketing.

Would you like to see more specific HR marketing examples from your industry? We will gladly show you further best practice examples and concrete implementation in the Talention software. Just ask for a demo here and someone will get in touch with you shortly. Request a demo now.

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