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The Direct Approach in Recruiting - What You Should Know

May 3, 2018 9:30:00 AM

The direct approach in recruiting is when one person uses personal contact to win over a candidate for a company. In this article, you will find out what you should consider in terms of the direct approach in recruiting.

The direct approach in modern recruiting

The concept of a direct approach is becoming increasingly important because of the current state of the labor market. The labor market has changed dramatically in recent years. As recently as 2009, the U.S. had an unemployment rate of 10%. As a result, candidates were actively seeking employment and would undertake a cumbersome application process to find a job.

There is now an unemployment rate of only 4%. This means that the behavior of the candidate has also changed. Today's candidate is not actively seeking but is in permanent employment. The passive candidates can only be convinced by an added value that their current employer does not offer.

The Direct Approach in Recruiting - What You Should Know

First, find out where the desired candidates are. Which channels are the right ones to reach your target audience?

Finding the right approach

The next step is to find the right approach. Passive candidates are the most demanding. They are already in employment and therefore can't be convinced by a standard approach. They expect that the recruiter has already studied their profile before contacting them and therefore the approach should be suitable and sound. It takes a lot of effort to identify suitable candidates for a profile. On large platforms, there are usually a lot of candidates and many are contacted. Therefore, the response rate of the candidates is usually low.

If the approach has piqued the interest of the candidate, it must be ensured that your entire employer profile is professional. The candidate will visit your career page and your job advertisements. Therefore, it is imperative that they are designed attractively and convince the candidate in a further step.

The most important point is that you analyze and evaluate their activities. It is relevant to know at what point the candidate leaves the application process. Only then can you find out where you need to optimize it.

If you do not analyze, document and evaluate this information, you'll need to start from scratch to recruit. You won't collect any empirical values or build up any know-how.

The Direct Approach in Recruiting - What You Should Know
 Screenshot: Example of the performance data of a job advertisement in Talention's campaign management. Here you can read in the overview how many clicks were made on your job advertisement.

With analysis, you will build up knowledge that will help you in future recruitment. Get more quality applications and get started by following the tips above.

The entire process of direct recruiting is very intensive and time consuming. We would like to show you some possibilities that you can use instead of or alongside the direct approach.


Make sure your job listings are search engine optimized so you can find them on job search engines or on Google. By utilizing SEO, you have the opportunity to use Google as a free channel.

Free channels

Free job boards can provide you with the desired qualitative candidates. However, you should also monitor how successful this campaign is for you.

It is important that you place your job advertisement on the right channels. Analyze on which channels your target group is active. And note that passive candidates are not on the usual job boards, but rather can be reached by passive channels.

Example passive channels are social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin. You can find detailed instructions for placing ads on LinkedIn here. The desired target group can be filtered and the appropriate advertisements can be displayed. This will also attract the attention of candidates who are not actively looking for a job.

Engage with interested candidates (Talent Network)

Unfortunately, the attention of interested candidate is often not given enough thought.

What happens if a suitable candidate visits your career page but there isn't a fitting job available? Don't just let them go and lose contact. Rather, you should give the candidate the opportunity to sign up for a talent network. You can keep in touch with regular newsletters or current job offers and thus retain the candidates.

Through this engagement, you build your own pipeline, from which you can then recruit.

Talention offers you all the components you need for modern recruitment marketing. You can create and evaluate various channels, such as the "direct approach" versus "Facebook ads". This gives you more transparency in your recruiting processes and allows you to weigh which channel brings you the best candidates with the least effort and cost. In addition to campaign tracking and analysis, Talention offers you a professional image, including a talent pool and applicant management. We are happy to show you in a free demo what this process would look like in your case. Request a demo now.

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