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Campus Recruiting Coordinator: Job Description and Salary

Within the field of recruiting, there are many different specializations and positions. One position that continues to become more popular is the campus recruiting coordinator. Does this position sound like a good fit for you? In this article you will learn the typical campus recruiting coordinator job description and salary.

Campus Recruiting Coordinator: Job Description and Salary

Campus recruiting coordinator job description

A campus recruiting coordinator organizes and coordinates all of the campus recruiting activities. They are the liaison between the company and the universities and are in charge of planning and executing activities, like summer internships, open house days, and campus events. They also schedule interviews and coordinate the final candidate selection process. 

Campus recruiting coordinator salary

According to glassdoor, the average campus recruiting coordinator in the US makes 73,400$ per year. The salary ranges from a low of 53,000$ to a high of 99,000$. A campus recruiting manager can expect to make an average of 85,000$.

This salary is comparable to other positions in recruiting, like talent acquisition coordinator and corporate recruiter. However it is higher than the average salary of a general recruiter, which is 55,800$.

Required skills and experience

Typically, this position requires a 1-2 years experience in the recruiting industry. Skills such as organization, time management, attention to detail, and ability to multitask are all important for this position. Ideally a candidate for this position would also have experience using an applicant tracking system.

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