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8 Major Recruiting Mistakes That Staffing Agencies Make

Jan 24, 2019 9:03:00 AM

Staffing agencies often approach us to find out why they can't find enough applicants. These discussions give us a good insight into the activities of staffing agencies. We have summarized the 8 major mistakes that staffing agencies often make based off of our findings.

8 Major Recruiting Mistakes That Staffing Agencies Make

1. No campaign management

If you don't have a campaign management tool, it is difficult or even impossible to perform an analysis based on any mistakes. If you don't know the specific mistakes you are making, you can't implement an improvement process. In the future, track your campaigns to measure success.

2. No documentation

If you don't document your procedures, results, and content, you start from the beginning every time you are recruiting. It is important to build up knowledge and document it. Otherwise the knowledge is bound to one person. If this person then leaves the company, that knowledge will be lost.

3. Not having an economical perspective

Even if free job boards aren't any worse than paid job boards, it always depends on the individual case. It doesn't make sense to advertise on free job boards forever, instead of paying to publish the job advertisement on the appropriate job board. This will help you find the right candidate faster and fill the open position sooner.

4. Not enough digital expertise

Often there is not enough digital expertise on the team. You should familiarize yourself with digital topics. For example, it is important to know how to post job ads, but there should also be a basic understanding of how images work online.

5. No candidate pipeline

Another mistake is not building a good candidate pipeline. If you cannot access an up-to-date database, you lose valuable time in the recruiting process. Collect leads at all possible opportunities, for example through a job subscription, through downloads, at trade fairs, at events or via social media.

6. No monitoring of competition

Many staffing agencies completely ignore competition. However, it can help you if you observe the competition. You learn from their mistakes, but also from their successes.

7. Outline agreements with job exchanges

Outline agreements are often regarded as a mere cost advantage. It is overlooked that there can also be disadvantages if you are tied to a single job board. The job board must fit your target group. It can happen that job boards change their advertising behavior in the course of the year and your target group is suddenly no longer the focus. However, you are then bound to this job board for further months or years by a outline agreement.

8. Free job boards

Of course, free job boards can also lead to success. However, you should document which job boards you have successfully posted on and which have not brought you any applicants. Only in this way will you know whether it is worth investing in these free job boards, if they suddenly introduce fees.

Check out our page "The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing for Staffing Agencies" to find further resources on the topic of staffing agencies.

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