Talent Network Tool

Build a pipeline of candidates for future recruitment.
  • Compile interested candidates easily
  • Build and maintain contacts
  • Use as a sourcing database
  • Send newsletters and mailings
  • Be on the safe side: GDPR compliant

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Build relationships with future candidates

You have likely experienced the tough competition for the best talent. Today it is more important than ever to think about how you can attract talent at an early stage and build a pipeline of potential applicants. In addition to saving recruiting effort, time, and money, a talent network offers many more benefits.

All talent network components combined in one tool 

Stay in touch with interested candidates through job ads 

Give prospects the opportunity to stay in touch with you. Capture your prospect's attention with a talent network pop-up banner and give them the opportunity to join your network before they leave your site.

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Talent Network Job Ad Pop-Up

Utilize the full potential of your career site

Only 5 out of 50 people who visit your website will submit an application. At least 15 more are interested in your company. Take advantage of this potential and gather those interested in your career page with a talent network pop-up banner.

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Talent Network Pop-up

Get to know your interested candidates

Give candidates the chance to tell more about themselves. Use individual forms to ask them for information that is relevant to your company.

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Talent Network Formulare

Build relationships with newsletters

Build a relationship with your potential candidates with emails and newsletters. Inform them about events, lectures, news, events or send your matching job offers.

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Talent Network Newsletter

Use your network for sourcing

Sourcing made easy. With simple filters, you can quickly find the candidates you are looking for and, in the next step, you can write them directly from the system.

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Talent Network Active Sourcing Database

Personalize your talent network

Customize your talent network with your colors and images and create a personalized look for your talent network.

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Talention talent network color choice 2

Successful together

Your personal success team is always there for you and helps you to achieve your goals. With individual learning modules, we help you implement the modern world of recruiting more effectively and to always be up to date. Be it the right use of analytics, candidate personas or channels.



Each and every new user is important to us. In our intensive, three-month onboarding phase, we help you understand and implement Talention and topics like analytics. 


Training programs

Your success manager coordinates your objectives with you during the onboarding phase. Based on targeted training contents, he helps you achieve these goals. 



With our certificates, you demonstrate that you’re up to date in recruiting.



The introduction of Talention was quick and straightforward. Our contact person was always personally at our side, so that we felt well advised and well prepared. After a short time, we could start using it.

Desiree Kopp ReifenhauserDésirrée Kopp
Human Resources Officer 
Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG



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State-of-the-art software together with data analytics

The interconnection of state-of-the-art technology and data analytics was the crucial aspect in our decision for Talention. The data analysis enables us to efficiently structure our lead management and the subsequent recruiting process. For us, Talention is a partner who shares the same vision.

Fincon Unternehmensberatung


Lean processes and more speed

With Talention, not only have we decisively streamlined our processes in recruiting, but for just the current re-launch of our career site, it became evident how important a trustful collaboration is with a highly competent personnel marketing agency.


Gi Group

Gi Group GmbH

Traffic on our career site has increased by 200-300% and we have been getting 20% more candidates

In addition, we have considerably more transparency over our entire process today. We opted for Talention because we were looking for a provider who gives us everything from a single source. A sophisticated career site, mobile-optimized job advertisement templates, applicant management, a posting tool and reports. The software is transparent and user-friendly, too. 

Gefa Bank


Measuring influencing factors in the application process

A major challenge for us was building up an employer brand. Mid-sized enterprises, in particular, feel the lack of skilled workers/specialists and have the problem of getting a certain quality of applicants. Talention has the great advantage of making it possible for you to measure the influencing factors in the application process.


Talention is the innovative employer branding, personnel marketing and recruiting software of TFI GmbH. Talention optimizes and unites complex recruitment and human resources (HR) processes. Talention increases the rate of successful recruitment, from candidate to applicant. This is accompanied by an increase in performance throughout the HR department, including HR managers, HR officers and recruiters. Our software covers all topics in recruitment, from job advertisements and job boards to applicant management and sustainably reduces the costs for external personnel consultants and headhunters.