Recruitment Marketing Software

Get more suitable applicants by using sophisticated recruitment marketing measures, smart candidate relationship management and analytics

  • Conversion analytics
  • Candidate journey analytics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Candidate relationship management (CRM)
  • Keywords and SEO
  • Content management / Landingpages
  • Lead nurturing / e-mail marketing
  • Connect your applicant management

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Find out why candidates do not apply

When no or only unqualified applications come in, everyone asks themselves why and what must be changed.

The sources of mistakes can be very different. From incorrect placement, on to an uninteresting design of the job advertisement through to a complex and time-consuming application process. 

With our state-of-the-art analytics, you’ll see what you have to change in order to be successful and how you can use your budget to create maximum success.

Build up your candidate pipeline

No matter whether at trade fairs, in university lectures, through employee referrals or on your career site. Every day you’re in contact with candidates who currently cannot or do not want to apply for a job with you due to a wide variety of different situations. But in three to six months, these candidates could be very relevant for you.

With the Talention CRM, you will not lose any more potential candidates, and you’ll build up a successful candidate pipeline. 

All processes in a single software

Conversion analytics

Keep track of your entire recruiting and employer branding data. 

Which channels give you the desired result? Where does your traffic come from? Where do you get qualified applicants from? 

The Talention analytics & dashboards give you clearly presented data and facts that you need to enhance your recruitment process strategy and your results in recruiting and employer branding. 

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Talention Conversion Analytics

Candidate journey analytics

Measure your complete candidate journey, from the first point of contact through to conversion.

Where are candidates lost today? How do you reduce the bounce rate? And how do you increase the conversion rate?

Talention maps all key performance indicators (KPIs) that you need to optimize your candidate journey.

All data are recorded in real time, which means that you always have the very latest overview of all activities and can therefore make strategic decisions based on data.

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Talention Candidate Journey Analytics

Campaign analytics

Compare the performance of your campaigns right up to the display on various channels. See at a glance which campaigns and which channels bring you the most applicants and which bring you the high-quality applicants.

Compare different channels such as traditional job boards with social media advertisements like ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing.

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Talention Campaign Analytics

Candidate relationship management (CRM)

It’s important to build up a pipeline of candidates so that you can fill open vacancies quickly.

Maintain the relationship with your candidates, and build up your own talent pool from which you can quickly fill job openings.

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Talention Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Keywords and SEO

Increase your reach by categorizing your content, like your career page, landing pages and job advertisements by keywords, and optimizing them for any and all types of search engines (SEO). In this way, you will be optimally found on job portals, in job search engines and in general search engines. 

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Talention Keywords und SEO

Content management / Landingpages

Create content that is relevant for your target group.

Edit and manage your content yourself and this without any further rounds of approval.

Create the content that fits with your campaigns, no matter whether it is subpages of your career page, landing pages or job advertisements.

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 Talention Content Management

Lead nurturing / e-mail marketing

By using marketing automation, you can stay in touch with your talent pool in a standardized way and turn candidates into fans of your company.

Simply send e-mails or a newsletter directly from the system. All interactions are stored in the history to ensure gap-free and transparent communication with your candidates.

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Lead Nurturing / E-Mail Marketing

Connect your applicant management

Talention’s recruitment marketing solution is the ideal supplement to applicant management solutions.

If you’re already using an applicant tracking system (ATS), the Talention recruitment marketing solution can be used before that without any problems (interface). 

Contact us to find out what the specific integration of Talention can look like for your current system landscape.

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Connet your ATS

Successful together

Your personal success team is always there for you and helps you to achieve your goals. With individual learning modules, we help you implement the modern world of recruiting more effectively and to always be up to date. Be it the right use of analytics, candidate personas or channels.



Each and every new user is important to us. In our intensive, three-month onboarding phase, we help you understand and implement Talention and topics like analytics. 


Training programs

Your success manager coordinates your objectives with you during the onboarding phase. Based on targeted training contents, he helps you achieve these goals. 



With our certificates, you demonstrate that you’re up to date in recruiting.



Traffic on our career site has increased by 200–300% since Talention was implemented, and we have been getting 20% more candidates on average in the past 5 months. 
In addition, we have considerably more transparency over our entire process today. We opted for Talention because we were looking for a provider who gives us everything from a single source. A sophisticated career site, mobile-optimized job advertisement templates, applicant management, a posting tool and reports. The software is transparent and user-friendly, too.

Interview GiGroup: Christian Wolf, National Processmanager Recruitment & Training, Gi Group Deutschland GmbH


Christian Wolf
National Processmanager Recruitment & Training
Gi Group Deutschland GmbH 



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State-of-the-art software together with data analytics

The interconnection of state-of-the-art technology and data analytics was the crucial aspect in our decision for Talention. The data analysis enables us to efficiently structure our lead management and the subsequent recruiting process. For us, Talention is a partner who shares the same vision.

Fincon Unternehmensberatung


Lean processes and more speed

With Talention, not only have we decisively streamlined our processes in recruiting, but for just the current re-launch of our career site, it became evident how important a trustful collaboration is with a highly competent personnel marketing agency.


Gi Group

Gi Group GmbH

Traffic on our career site has increased by 200-300% and we have been getting 20% more candidates

In addition, we have considerably more transparency over our entire process today. We opted for Talention because we were looking for a provider who gives us everything from a single source. A sophisticated career site, mobile-optimized job advertisement templates, applicant management, a posting tool and reports. The software is transparent and user-friendly, too.

Gefa Bank


Measuring influencing factors in the application process

A major challenge for us was building up an employer brand. Mid-sized enterprises, in particular, feel the lack of skilled workers/specialists and have the problem of getting a certain quality of applicants. Talention has the great advantage of making it possible for you to measure the influencing factors in the application process.