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5 Examples of Successful Career Pages on Facebook

As a result of digitalization, social media channels are becoming more and more important. Many companies realized this development early on and discovered Facebook as a recruiting channel for themselves - and in some cases very successfully! During the analysis, however, we noticed that there are considerable qualitative differences in the use of Facebook in recruiting.

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3 HR Marketing Components for Recruiting Success

Over the past few years, HR has slowly begun overlapping with marketing. Many HR departments have found success with utilizing tools and strategies that are used in marketing, creating a new discipline called HR marketing. Specifically in regards to recruiting, there are several components that have become critical for HR marketing success. In this article, we'll cover the 3 components that every HR marketer should incorporate in their recruiting process.

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Infographic: 8 Essential Components That Your Career Page Needs!

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it becomes increasingly difficult to find qualified employees. For this reason, companies should urgently deal with the topic of career pages.

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