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6 Tips for Improving Candidate Experience

In a highly competitive recruiting market, candidate experience may be the tipping point for winning over qualified candidates. Passive candidates in particular need to be convinced to switch jobs and providing them with an amazing experience is the perfect way to do that.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Talent Network

Recently, we launched our Talent Network Tool for businesses. Any company can easily and quickly create and operate its own talent network.

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How to Get More Applications: Length of Time Model vs. CPC Model

Have you ever wondered what opportunities there are to publish job advertisements on job boards? Did you already know that job boards use different models? A distinction can be made between a length of time model and a click-based model. In this article we will give you an overview of the differences between these two models.

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Why Time to Hire is a Key Metric

One factor is crucial in finding the right candidate: time! Time is money. This also applies to recruiting vacant positions. But what is hiding behind the metric time to hire? Are you aware that the success of a business can depend solely on this metric?

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Sourcing in IT Recruiting: What You Should Know

The direct approach in recruiting, also known as sourcing, is when one person uses personal contact to win over a candidate for a company. Within the IT sector in particular, this is the most common and promising method for finding candidates. In this article, you will find out what you should consider in terms of sourcing in IT recruiting.

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Why a Slow Career Page Will Cost You Candidates

Have you ever considered that the loading time of your job postings or a slow career page could be a real application killer? In this article we would like to explain why this happens and why loading time is still an important ranking factor in Google.

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How to Build Your Own Pipeline of IT Professionals

Do you often wonder how you can find enough IT professionals and sustainably solve your recruiting problem? How do you build a pipeline of prospects, e.g. through sourcing, your own career page or events and trade fairs? And how do you stay in contact with them? We will explain in this article why building a prospective pipeline of IT professionals is so important.

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How You Can Recruit More IT Professionals Through SEO

IT professionals are hard to find. So how can you build more reach so that you are found by those in the IT sector? In this article we want to show you how SEO can help you recruit more IT professionals.

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How Do I Use Social Media in Recruiting?

Have you ever wondered how you can use social media in recruiting? What exactly does it mean to use social networks for your own recruiting? In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the benefits social media has in recruiting.

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8 Essential Components That Your Career Page Needs! (Infographic)

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it becomes increasingly difficult to find qualified employees. For this reason, companies should urgently deal with the topic of career pages.

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Interview GEFA BANK GmbH: Measure and Control the Influencing Factors in the Application Process

We conducted a telephone interview with Ms. Almut Fischer, Head of Human Resources at GEFA BANK GmbH. In addition to managing a 12-person team across 8 locations, Ms. Fischer has a variety of HR responsibilities and is often on the move through various locations. We are especially pleased that she took the time to talk with us in an interview about her current challenges and best practice examples in recruiting.

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The Direct Approach in Recruiting - What You Should Know

The direct approach in recruiting is when one person uses personal contact to win over a candidate for a company. In this article, you will find out what you should consider in terms of the direct approach in recruiting.

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5 Simple Steps for Recruitment Marketing Content (Infographic)

Do you often wonder how to best persuade candidates to apply to your company? What do you have to do to ensure that potential applicants perceive you as an attractive employer? We've created an infographic that shows how to best create content marketing for recruitment marketing in 5 easy steps.

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